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Small N Hot, your Malaysia & Singapore FashionBeauty & Lifestyle site for the fashionable and classy girl in you. We created Small N Hot as an expression of fashion and inspiration for the everyday girl to bring out her inner fashionista.

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The team that keeps Small N Hot updated with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Sarah, Editor

To get to know her : 
Email: sarah@smallnhot.com
Instagram/Twitter: @sarah.smallnhot

Aziza (Senior Writer) 

A psychology major, is also an avid fashion lover who loves the finer things in life. Apart from guest writing on Smallnhot , she has her own blog called GreyBijoux. For the most part she reviews beauty products, current entertainment news, or new upcoming fashion trends and many more along with her two sisters.

To get to know her : 
Email: a.ghebllawi@gmail.com
Blog: https://greybijoux.wordpress.com
Instagram/Twitter: @xoxoza

Cheryl (Writer)

A teacher by profession, she adores the world of beauty, food and fashion. Apart from that, you can find her attending stage productions and musicals – anything theatre-related! A music composer for one of The Actors Studio’s productions, she also tried her hand in the world of beauty and fashion with Amber Chia Academy as well as in a beauty pageant. However, what she loves best is just sitting down with a good cuppa and reading a good book!

To get to know her :
Email: cheryl.onghc@gmail.com
Blog: www.prettylittledelights.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cherylong.rodrigues
Instagram: @cher.a.pic


A freelance writer who wishes she could own her own sushi restaurant one day and have endless supply of fresh sushi rolls! Grey’s Anatomy is one of the holy grail shows she avidly watches. Life is better when there’s music to suit every mood she feels from time to time. Horror movies are the best which is why she sometimes sleeps with the lights on; it’s ironic. She loves furry animals, the ocean and that palm life. It would be the ultimate dream to travel the world.

Kelly Chen (Writer)

A fitness-enthusiast and foodie, Kelly splits time between New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas. An amateur cook in her free time, she starts every morning with freshly-brewed coffee.

To get to know her :
Blog: http://coffee-choc.blogspot.my


A final year IT student who has made Malaysia her home away from home!Hopes to start her own blog in time,loves anything do to with fashion, health and is a major foodie.

To get to know her : 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thando.faith

Jacqquelline Benita

A student of public relations who aspires to be someone who makes people around her happy. Be it by discussing shared interests in fashion, fitness , food and books or being silly as long as someone is smiling. Getting to know different people and their styles is what fuels her love for life . So if you see me, say hello!

To get to know her :
Email : jacqueline-benita@live.com
Instagram : @jacqqueliine6

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