Tuesday, March 3, 2020

American Vintage Spring Summer 2020

Its time  to warm up and dress down with American Vintage Spring/Summer 2020. Draped in nonchalance with over-sized shapes and 90s sportswear take their inspirations from the past with a mismatch of styles that will surely rock this season

There are no more rules. It’s a state of mind. Omnipresent, cotton enwraps bodies and enhances
movements. Denim, gabardine, poplin. Striding forward in canvas sneakers on the pavement or in the sand.

Cuts inspired by the casual wardrobe and a subtle color palette are the hallmarks of the brand’s
recognizable style. Now hears the fun part its actually a french brand and you can hop on to their store at Marina Bay Sands. For more on styles visit @Americanvintage.