Saturday, February 22, 2020

Is This The End Of Classic Coke ? Do Something Before Its To Late..!

If you're a fan of the original Coke Classic/Klasik with its lovely taste of sugar and caffeine. Bad news Coca-Cola Malaysia seems to be slowly phasing it out and replacing it with the new main stream "Original Taste" Coke.

Checks at the local grocers show that Coke Klasik is only available in 320ml cans. All the rest 500ml and 1.5 liter versions only come in the ”Original Taste" formula. And almost all restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that we have been to, only serve "Original Taste" Coke in cans.

Now this may not be a big deal as most people may not even notice the difference in taste. But for those who actually enjoy Coke will realize that their favorite fizzy soda has a very weird and almost bad after taste that just wont work..!

So I decided to reach out to Coca-Cola and ask them whats going on, and here's what they had to say via their Malaysian Facebook page.

"The Coca-Cola drinks that you have tasted is a new option for Coca-Cola drinkers. This new drink is called “Coca-Cola Original Taste – Fewer Calories" However, we do still offer Coca-Cola Classic. Coca-Cola Classic is still available in 320ml cans, 330ml bottles and 500ml bottles. We’re introducing the new option, Coca-Cola Original Taste – Fewer Calories” because people around the world are telling us they want more drinks that taste great but that have less sugar and fewer calories. We also support the Malaysian government and health authorities’ agenda of a healthier nation. Thank you''

I really do support the idea of less sugar, less calories, better health and blah.. blah ..blah.. blah. But here's my problem,

Firstly, aren't there already less everything options out there for those who favour less calories and less sugar such as Coke Zero, Coke Light, Coke Life the one with Stevia I think... So is it necessary to change the formula of Classic Coke?

Secondly, if you are to change the Classic Coke formula, why change to something that’s not nice at all?

Thirdly, as per Coca-Cola’s reply “people around the world are telling us they want more drinks that taste great but that have less sugar and fewer calories”, YES, we want something that taste great but not this odd disappointing flavor that makes me think Pepsi isn't so bad after all.

So if you’re like me and love the Classic Coke the way it is. Please send them some feedback to Coca- Cola Malaysia Facebook page right HERE and tell them how you feel before it’s too late.