Thursday, November 7, 2019

Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max: Which One Will You Pick ?

We may be entering the golden age of streaming and gone are the days where you only had Astro GO and Piratebay as the only 2 options when it comes to tv shows and movies online in Malaysia. Now with 5 service providers available or will be available by 2020. Your options have gotten a whole lot better.

But there's a catch its just to expensive to have  them all..! With average prices around Rm 40 per service, that comes up to more that Rm 200 a month. And each of this providers have their own exclusive original content TV shows or movies. So which one would you get? I honestly don't know but here's a breakdown on prices and the must watch shows available this coming 2020.

Netflix, the old top dog in the room with a massive back catalog of old show's and brand new original content such as Stranger Things, You, and Lost in Space . Plans start from RM17 a month but the HD plan is RM42.

Amazon Prime not so popular over here but if your into show like  The Grand Tour or Jack Ryan this is the place to be.. Starts at Rm 12.50 a month for your first six months and then its about Rm 25 a month depending on the currency exchange as you will pay in USD.

Apple TV Plus very new just launched this week..! For All Mankind looks kinda fun and they have a USD 1 billion budget for new show coming soon also you can tryout first episodes for free via the app on Apple devices. It's now at Rm 19.90 a month but probably will go up as it's Apple.

Disney+ will be launching this week in the US and should hit Malaysia soon after. The fun thing about this is they have a massive back movie catalog as Disney Owns 7 out of  10 show that you watch at the cinema, from Avengers to Aladdin. Should cost around Rm 28 per month and may be bundled with Hulu for Rm 50 a month.

HBO Max, will cost about Rm 65 a month based on US prices and will launch in May 2020 in the US. It will have 10,000 hours of programming: everything on HBO, plus exclusive originals and a deeper catalog of licensed shows and movies.

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