Saturday, November 23, 2019

Golden Screen Cinemas Aurum Theatre Is Now Open

Aurum Theatre is Golden Screen Cinemas brand-new ultra-luxe boutique cinema in Johor Bahru's The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey. Featuring luxurious halls, contemporary continental dining and other made to order services.

Part of its offerings is the Getha Lux Suites, which were announced earlier in September. Specially designed by Italian architect, Marco Fumagalli, that have luxury recliners which are made by Getha added with plush pillows and a luxurious fleece blanket, movie-goers can snuggle up and relax and enjoy their movie while charging there phones with a wireless and USB charger or getting food delivered via the service call button.

Priced at RM150 per person, the ticket to Aurum Theatre’s Getha Lux Suites comes in a complete package with the Aurum Pass, which offers food and drink as part of the experience. With this you have a golden ticket to sample and enjoy fresh food and drink from Jin Gastrobar, which serves made-to-order continental cuisine, prepared from the finest ingredients such as sizzling prawns to pan-seared scallops, mentaiko pasta and more.

Also if your in KL Aurum Theatre will soon open its doors in The Gardens Mall, later this year.