Monday, October 21, 2019

Urbanscapes 2019

Urbanscapes, the country’s longest-running creative arts festival, is promising up to 80 festival programmes this year. The city-wide celebration runs over a nine-day span from 16 to 24 Nov 2019, activating Kuala Lumpur from Medan Pasar, River Of Life, REXKL, The Godown KL, Sentul Depot, Kwai Chai Hong, the backlanes of Lorong Bandar 13 and Lorong Panggung, to other unique spaces in the heart of the city.

Enhancing the festival further, Urbanscapes will host the Inaugural Triennial Malaysia-Singapore Cultural Showcase (URBN.SENI), an exciting cross-cultural project between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore that celebrates the close relationship of both nations. A festival within a festival, the initiative will showcase visual art, theatre, music, films, creative markets, and culinary events at  Kuala Lumpur’s newest art centre, The Godown KL throughout Urbanscapes. Organised by the Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, URBN.SENI hopes to develop the exchange of cultural and creative ideas between the creative communities and people of Malaysia and Singapore.

Raising the bar further, Urbanscapes presents HuRu-HaRa, an initiative by TerryandTheCuz that combines various artforms — music, dance, installation, visual projection and sound — into a tour de force, causing chaos yet bringing forth beauty at the same time. Occupying Medan Pasar, HuRu-HaRa allows the artists and creative minds alike from all walks of life to explore their voices, their land, and their people. For more info on its show line up visit @Urbanscapes