Friday, September 13, 2019

Aftersocks Practical Solution To Sore Feet

This cute looking sock/shoe that's running a Kickstarter campaign  may just be what you need, Aftersocks promises to be a better and more comfortable option then slipping on some thongs after a long day in heels. 

Made from premium fabrics they’re long lasting and durable, and have been extensively tested for longevity and wearability. The innovative design includes a special aftersole that makes the bottom of the sock strong enough to tackle even loose stones on the ground, whilst remaining flexible and light. Extra soft cushioning has been added inside to soothe pain and hug the counters of the feet, Better still, they’re so light they fit neatly into purses and pockets and can be hand washed for multiple use.

They come in a choice of colors; classic black, gold or silver. which will surely make great way to match different outfits with. We love the idea as it seems simple and comfortable yet seemingly stylish. You can get them right now at about Rm 120/ SGD 40 per pair.  For more info on the styles and campaign offers visit