Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Harriston Berry Sweet Blend, the Ruby Raisin and Ruby Almond Chocolate

With the success of their Ruby chocolate, Harriston is making the celebration even sweeter with two new additions to their variants of ruby chocolate - the Ruby Raisin and Ruby Almond chocolates !

The Ruby chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans without the use of any colouring or flavouring, hence the ruby colour. Also ruby chocolate embodies an explosive taste of natural berry fruitiness so much that the millennial chocolate is said to be a chocolate of its own breed, carrying a taste which cannot be found anywhere else. Now adding raisin and almond into it, it is sure to please those who yearn for an extra punch of fruitiness and crunch in their chocolate.

Honestly from me to you, this Malaysian brand is something unique altogether when it comes to quality. Their chocolates are actually really good...! Even I would say comparable to Swiss brands.   

If you haven't got the chance to taste this millennial ruby chocolate yet, you can now get the Harriston Ruby Raisin and Ruby Almond chocolate at RM 29.90 per pack and RM 50 for two for more if visit @HarristonChocolate