Thursday, May 16, 2019

Diptyque: Create Your Very Own Personalized Fragrance

Unlike a pair of jeans, there is something about scent that makes it very personal to an individual and space. diptyque, being known for its scented candles understands how scent can trigger memories, calm ones mind or at least make you feel great and confident after that. Candle after candle, they have created an exceptional herbarium of scents, a unique palette of nearly fifty candles. Now you  can combining two flavors of your choice for fragrance for a unique fragrance experience. 

To embark on a journey of senses with diptyque, just choose a candle, then another, to create a unique pairing that is personal to you, and instantly reveal a world of scents, reinventing with each new combination. Along with this, diptyque is introducing two new additions to their diptyque repertoire, Lily and Narguile, which can be enjoyed as a duo or separately. 

Lily recalls a huge bouquet of fresh-cut lilies; a shower of white petals, the green fragrance of sap and leaves, and the delicately spicy accents of the heady flower fill in the air. Whereas the fragrant volutes of Narguile are an instant invitation to travel; a hint of honey, tobacco leaves and a handful of spices permeates the air, inviting you on a journey to a distant land... the East. 

The possibilities are endless, let your emotions be your guide on this journey with @diptyque. 

P.S. And the interplay of fragrant comes with five limited edition gift boxes, that makes a great display on your bookshelves.