Tuesday, April 30, 2019

#AFreshStart with the new Rexona Whitening Fresh Rose Deodorant

Deodorants are the best way to keep cool and stop bad body odor. In fact it is much like foundation and SPF, where you are consistently in the pursuit of the best deodorant to keep fresh all day long. 

Rexona's Whitening Fresh Rose may help your quest. The third range following the launch of Whitening Fresh Sakura and Fresh Lily last year. These three flower power deodorants combines natural whitening ingredients alongside Rexona's unique MotionSense technology, which releases bursts of fresh fragrance that is activated by your movement. So, the more you move the more it works ! 

In conjunction with the launch of Rexona Whitening Fresh Rose today, the #AFreshStart campaign will be carried out throughout the year, empowering women to have a fresh start in everything they do. Allowing them to feel confident without the insecurity about their underarms. 

Rexona Whitening Fresh Rose is available nationwide. For more info visit @RexonaMY