Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mamonde's Vital Vitamin for Your Skin

While we know that Vitamin A is for fine lines, B for Acne and Eczema, C for skin pigmentation, E for sebum production and K for dark eye circles. But how do we incorporate all of these into our skincare routine without overdoing it ? 

Well Mamonde seems to have an answer to that with added multi-vitamins in two of their new products, Mamonde Vital Vitamin Essence and Vital Vitamin Cream.

Mamonde Vital Vitamin Essence and Vital Vitamin Cream

WHO : This new Vital Vitamin range is for those who needs to recharge their dull and fatigue skin, skin that does not take makeup well, skin that looks tired and dehydrated, or seems to have lost its firmness and glow.

WHAT : A fresh cooling water based essence with antioxidant vitamin capsules and water-gel like cream goes on lightly on the skin and quickly absorbs to create a smooth, hydrating and recharging moisture barrier.

WHERE : All over the face and neck area, excluding eyes.

WHEN : Use this every morning and night after cleanser and toner.

HOW : Layer the Vital Vitamin Essence after applying toner and follow up with the Vital Vitamin Cream to lock in moisture for the ultimate vitamin blend to moisturize and nourish your skin. You can also soak some sheet masks or cotton pads with Vital Vitamin Essence and leave them on your face for 10 minutes for an instant wake up call for your skin. 

WHY : Mamonde Vital Vitamin range contains Bitter Orange Flower extract as well as six different kinds of vitamins including vitamin B3, C, F, E and P to moisturize, brighten and revitalize the skin with their antioxidant properties. This range is unique because of the added vitamin P, which is rarely added into skincare products. Vitamin P is a flavonoid that has extreme concentration of antioxidant molecules which help to relieve skin stress and enhancing collagen production, as well as increases the potency of Vitamin C when applied. 

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