Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pedro The Altrura Series

It's hard to express how comfortable a pair of sneakers is. They are truly a staple in everyone's wardrobe, whether you are pairing it with a dress or skinnies, the foolproof footwear can pump up your look. Inspired by the Spanish word for height. The Altrura Series is a collection exclusive of sneakers exuding urban modernity in atheleisure whilst identifying the trends of today's evolution of the daddy sneaker. 

Five versions in the Altrura Series different in its own way from the design to the sole. Altrura Series I is sporting the statement Altrura sole with an essential curved design further reinforcing the fluidity of height in sporty essence. Whereas Altrura Series II is launched as women's streetwear fashion series, with high and low-cut options for any occasion. Altrura Series III launched as part of the Chinese New Year products featuring a convergence of colour in shades of white, red, black and pinks to celebrate the auspicious celebration. Altrura Series IV is a men's exclusive in the staple white and military green color and finally Altrura Series V will launch as part of the Earth Day campaign A coupled with eco-aware materials. 

Pedro The Altrura Series I is now available exclusively online at @Pedroshoes, where as the rest are available in store starting from second week of January 2019.