Sunday, February 24, 2019

NeNe Chicken, Midvalley

South Korea has given us so many wonderful things among them, the ever so good looking boy bands to awesome skin care routines,..and now you can add delicious chicken to that list. NeNe Chicken is finally here and they recently opened their fifth outlet in Midvalley.

The leading fried chicken chain in South Korea, NeNe Chicken was established in 1999 and boasts of over 1,200 restaurants in Korea and more worldwide. The new outlet is a 2- storey eatery that offers plenty of space for one to have a delicious time.

For this new year three new limited-time offer items where added to the menu, Double Freaking Hot sauce; as its name suggest, the sauce is double the spiciness of NeNe Chicken’s Freaking Hot sauce, Oriental Garlic sauce for those who prefer a more savoury option and to cool off the heat, Strawberry Yogurt Soft Serve. So why not treat yourself, friends and family to some NeNe Chicken!

Thando Faith