Monday, January 14, 2019

8 Boba Topped Foods You Have To Try And Where to Find Them

Lately the Boba craze has been pop'ing up all over social media. What's that you say? Well it's that topping you find in Bubble Milk Tea. Right now the trend has spread from desserts to savories and we found some very interesting and most wanted Boba food in the Klang valley and more.

1.Boba Pizza, My Pizza Lab
Marrying the chewy texture of boba and the savoury cheesy pizza flavour, "Boba Pizza" is something entirely unique. The Boba Pizza features condensed milk, mozzarella, cream cheese, cheddar and topped with lots of pearls. Also offering Jasmine Tiger Beer Boba, Pu-Er Tiger Beer Boba, and more... @MyPizzaLab

2.Pearl Cake, Sweeto Kuchai Lama
If you are a Boba lover, then you must head down to the newly opened dessert cafe in Kuchai Lama to try their Pearl Cake. It comes in four flavours which includes Hershey's chocolate, matcha, milk tea and strawberry, and all of it are topped with plentiful of Bobas... @Sweeto

3.Earl Grey Custard Bubble Milk Tea Cake, Thurs2.0 
Other than that, Thurs2.0 is also offering Earl Grey Custard Bubble Milk Tea cake too. The Bubble Milk Tea cakes are baked with t2tea French Earl Grey and a generous spread of handmade Boba and Sea Salt Cheese Milk Foam on the top. Earl Grey lovers may be eager to dig into the treat, but don't forget to snap a shot of its delicate Sea Salt Cheese Milk Foam and Boba dripping down, to make all your friends drool... @Thurs2.0

4.Bubble Milk Tea Waffle, My Tea Cottage Kajang
A hidden gem tea house in Kajang, My Tea Cottage delivers a taste of tea inspired sweets. And one  popular desert you will find is the Bubble Milk Tea Waffle which comes with signature home recipe rice mocha ice-cream dressing and signature pearls. The menu also features a Winter Milk Tea Waffle with brown sugar, Iceblended Matcha Oreo and Dirt Dirt Bubble Milk Tea with black sugar. It's sure to pass your taste test with flying colors. @myteacottage

Photo credits to @chienying_

5.Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake, Belle and Cream
Dense, rich, refreshing yet cheesy flavor is covered with a burnt top and a side of pearls, to form the well-known Belle and Cream's Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake. The instagrammable cafe in Penang puts a creative spin on the classic burnt cheesecake by pairing it with whipping cream to homemade pearls, designed to resemble a cup of cheese tea. @Belle&Cream

6.Boba Bomb Chubbee Toast
Chubbee Toast filled with Boba is the stuff that's perfect for your Instagram feed. To make this unique dessert even more interesting, the toast is filled with teh tarik, making every bite feel like a cup of bubble milk tea bursting in your mouth. @chubbeecloud

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7.Brown Sugar Boba, The Alley
Amp up your Bubble Milk Tea game with Brown Sugar Boba. The boba cooked in brown sugar makes it sweet and intensely rich in flavour, and pairing it with milk tea, is what you would call heaven on earth ! And The Alley is one of the few Bubble Milk Tea franchise where you can find brown sugar boba. @TheAlley

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With the burning hot weather in KL, it calls for a bowl of shaved iced topped with grass jelly, sweet potato and taroballs, barley and last but not least that chewy Boba, make this icy cold Taiwanese dessert well worth the spend. @Snowflake