Thursday, November 22, 2018

MAHCollection Fall/Winter 2018/19 : Venus in the Shell

Fall fashion has so much fun and layering in it. Although the color palette might not be as vibrant as summer trends but the Singapore-based brand, MAHCollection is taking its inspiration from Botticelli's Birth of Venus, bringing a collection that speaks femininity, fluidity and ethereal elegance. 

From diaphanous caftans, ruched dresses and billowing harem trousers, all the designs are to made to be mixed and matched, to create your own personality-filled style that can transition from the beach to the club. Best of all, the entire collection is adjusted to flatter curves and flowing garments depicted in the Roman mythological painting, letting you look fabulous and spectacular throughout the winter months. Scroll down to check out the lookbook of the MAHCollection Fall/Winter 2018/19....

"I then melded elements like the coats of arms found in Portuguese tiles with the linear design of Peranakan tiles seen here, as well as more muted, modern palette, to come up with a brand-motif to embellish the entire collection." says Ondina Montgomery, designer and founder of MAHCollection.

For more info check out their site here.

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