Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pedro Fall Winter 2018 Collection

This Fall-Winter, Pedro will bring you to a journey of three rooms of surreal dimensions, toying with the idea of unique functional play and style, where the primary palette consists of blue, white and black is juxtaposed with shades of mint, military green, yellow and brick orange. Also materials such as fur and suede can be found throughout the collection.

The TV Room, a play on perspective is seen beginning with the visual domain. The screen is a representation of a connecting point to the next leg in the journey and hints of reflection can be seen throughout the campaign with future element peeking through. 

The Maze Room. From the stark reality of the screen; transported into a place of fauna with fragments of reflection coalesced with the green. 

The Mirror Room is a stark change into the void. Viewpoints come apart in fragments where a doorway is in sight. 

For more information,visit their collection here.