Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Mamonde All Stay Foundation - Rosy All Day or Just Drying ?

With the change of season, it's the time for new foundation formula releases, and today we point to the direction of Mamonde's All Stay Foundation. This new formula will get your complexion as flawless as the petals on a freshly bloomed Rose. Let's find out my musings on this unique take of layering.

Mamonde All Stay Foundation is a foundation that stays on the skin all day long! Makeup looks beautiful, like the first time. 

You'll LIKE the watery texture that blends very well on the skin and also the light Rose scent that it has.

You'll HATE how it finishes on the skin, which is rather drying and tight.

Now let me tell you, the Mamonde cushion foundation which was launched earlier didn't tingle my fancy so I wasn't very keen with this new All Stay Foundation too, but after swatching the texture of this new product on the back of my hand, I was excited to give it a try.

Mamonde All Stay Foundation is incredibly watery in terms of texture and formula, it actually feels  wet on the skin when applied, which blends in effortlessly. This foundation is seriously a dream to apply, and because of its medium to high coverage, all I need is just one layer to cover up everything which includes my dark circles and pigmentation, except for the hormonal bumpy acne which needs an extra layer to conceal it thoroughly. It builds up and layers really well as you apply but as it dries down, it's another story...

The cons here are going to be different for everyone depending on your skin type and needs. Greasy skinned guys and girls will probably find it decent to use as it has a dry and mattifying finish. Though if you have dry and normal complexions, it can feel rather drying and thick on the skin. I somehow sit in the middle of feeling drying on my cheeks and just nice on my T-zone, so I can't really have a clear cut of whether I am liking or hating this.

Overall, it's good stuff for medium to high coverage foundation, also those that like a natural-looking finish will be a fan of this. To me it's probably something I'll crack out for photoshoots and videos because I ain't a fan of such high coverage foundation for a day to day makeup, and the drying feeling didn't feel too good on my cheeks either.


Name : Mamonde All Stay Foundation (3 Shades)
Price : RM 59 / SGD 14 each
Where to Buy : Mamonde Beauty Counters in AEON
Net Weight : 20ml

For more info visit thier site here.

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