Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What Should Be the First Piece of Jewellery to Get Your Girlfriend?

If you have recently moved into a new relationship and wondering should I get my GF something special such as jewelry for her? We've got you covered! In any new relationship, it is natural to be very wary of saying or doing the wrong thing, as we strive to put our best image forward, and when it comes to a first time jewellery purchase, this can seem like a daunting prospect. There are certain “safe” areas, when you can be sure she really will love the gift and there are risky choices, where the chances of her actually liking the piece are greatly diminished and as you are only just getting to know her, it can be a tough choice. Here are some fool proof steps you can go by before spending all that cash.

Notice Her Fashion Accessories

This is by far the best strategy and every time you are together, take note of the jewellery she wears. If she likes to wear bangles, this is an excellent choice, as bangles go with just about every look. If you are looking for solid silver bracelets for your beloved, there are online jewellers that have a stunning range as you really can’t go wrong with solid silver. If, for example, she likes to wear denim, then a silver bracelet would be a sure-fire winner, and whether or not it is polished or textured would depend on her style. Online jeweller's would have a wide range of bracelets, bangles and necklaces, all in sterling silver, and anything in these categories would be a safe bet.

Suitably Priced

You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, so avoid high value items, which really puts gold out of the picture. Sterling silver is reasonably priced and such is the quality of workmanship, you can be assured of a quality finish, and whatever her style, sterling silver works. It is tempting to splash out on something expensive, to impress her, but you risk making her feel uncomfortable, so forget diamonds or any other expensive precious stones as it makes the relationship a little to serious.

Knowing Her Size

If you are going to buy her bangles or a bracelet, you will need to take note of her wrist size, which will ensure that you select something that she can wear. Bangles come in two main forms, a solid ring or a clasped unit that fits together and if she already wears bangles, notice the size and look for something in that range.

Things to Avoid

Rings are not suitable, at least not if you have only recently met, and buying a ring might imply some sort of commitment and it is far too early to go down that road. Resist the urge to have a special inscription on the item, as this implies a long-term relationship and she won’t be ready for that just yet. 

Finding a good online jeweller that offers a wide range of silver bracelets and bangles will make the selection process so much easier and once you have found what you are looking for, make sure the site's online payment process is secure with great product delivery times.


If you really don't know what to get her or even what she likes-Just ask, as communication in a relationship is the most important thing..!   

 love ♥,