Tuesday, September 4, 2018

dUCk #nofilter Makeup Remover - Try it or Ditch it ?

By now you'are already quite familiar with double cleanse and never going to bed with your makeup on. That said and done, you're probably wondering is there's a single product that fits the bill of removing makeup and a cleanse that may even tone your skin a little in one go ? The dUCk #nofilter Makeup Remover might be the answer to your question, well at least that's what they claim to do. So lets find out this #nofilter Makeup Remover is worth the try?

dUCk's #nofilter Makeup Remover is a holy grail for the women who are always on-the-go. This one-step wonder removes your makeup, cleanses, and tones your skin all at once! 

You'll LIKE it for the foam texture that smooths out easily all over the face.

You'll HATE the cheap packaging and not the kind that removes waterproof makeup.

Honestly, this is my very first foam based makeup remover and not because I'm skeptical with the texture or what but because I just have never come across any. And surprisingly, the foam texture feels lovely on the skin, it's much easier to spread around, at least you don't have to spend extra time lathering it up before putting it on your face. The remover formula does its job in breaking down all the makeup (except for waterproof makeup) and leaves your skin beautifully clean and soft. But for a supple looking skin, I do still go in with toner after the cleansing, even though it claims to work like a toner.

"Also another very disappointing part is the cheap packaging."

Other than that fact that it doesn't work well in removing waterproof makeup, it is not eye friendly too. I tried rubbing it on my eyes to test and see if it removes my Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara, not only that it had a hard time in removing the mascara but it also stung my eyes a little. I do adore this product for standard makeup remover but definitely not the one for waterproof eye makeup. Also another very disappointing part is the cheap packaging. After using it for a week, the metal pieces on the pump chipped off (see image above) along with the product. And thank goodness I notice the pieces of metal else, I would have been rubbing the foam with metal pieces on my face. Oh dear...

For the price point, I do hope they work more on the packaging. It is not very safe to see metal pieces chipping off from the product.


Name : dUCk #nofilter Makeup Remover
Price : RM 94 / $10.99 each
Where to Buy : www.fashionvalet.com

For more information, kindly visit :-

dUCk Cosmetics
Website : https://www.fashionvalet.com/nofilter-make-up-remover-hydrating.html

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