Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dress DIY for Beginners : How to choose your fabric

If you’re planning to venture into dress making or that fabulous fabric related DIY project, the first question that you probably will be asking is "How do I choose the right fabric for my master piece ?" With a varied and large selection of  patterns, styles and designs available out there. Choosing the right kind fabric is certainly the most important thing in making your own dress or garment project a success because the wrong choice in this crucial step can lead a lots of touch up work later or even total disaster in the end.
So to the get you on your way to making that amazing one of kind creation, here are a few pointers that we have put to gather to help you to find the right fabric for your project.

Tip 1 : First things first, make sure you know what kind of dress you are making whether it's a soft, structured or stretchy piece.

Tip 2 :Then you can choose the fabric based on their properties-Under the soft and lightweight fabric category, there's cotton voile, cotton lawn, rayon challis, chambray, double gauze, silk, satin, wool and flannel. Whereas structured and heavy fabric includes denim, knit and linen. Lastly, stretchy fabric that is commonly used is knit because it has a great deal of stretch.


Tip 3 : Anyways, if you are still confused on which fabric to choose, here’s a simple rule thumb of
•Pants are usually made from denim, flannel, linen and wool.
•Shirts and Dresses are mainly made from soft and lightweight fabrics like cotton voile, cotton lawn and etc. Silk would make a great option for shirts and dresses due to it’s glossy appearance but the price point might be slightly steep.

Tip 4 : Another thing to know when making your first dress, it is best to buy fabric that is easy to sew and also not too expensive. So you will not be too afraid in making mistakes during the process.

Opt for woven fabrics like cotton and linen, as it will not slip or stretch too easily when sewing it. Try to avoid silk, satin and any knitted fabric. Also do bear in mind to look at the label for fibre content and care instructions because you wouldn’t want to get something that is too high maintenance. Heavy fabric like denim might be durable and low in maintenance but they are much harder to manipulate for a beginner, unless your first DIY project is to make denim jackets.

Tip 5 : Take your time to do some research beforehand to understand what kind of fabric that is suitable for your dress. If there’s a fabric shop near in town, it is always a good idea to head down to the shop and have a touch of the fabric to see how the fabric hangs or drapes feel the texture whether it’s soft or stiff and does it fit with what you have in mind. However, if you looking for a greater selections and feels try an online store like Tissura where you can get thousand fabric combinations from around the world delivered to your door step.

Tip 6: Finally if you are really unsure what to go for your first project, try to stick to reliable fabrics like cottons where you won’t go too far wrong with it.

Till then, have fun and hope you enjoy the process of understanding your fabric and making your very own dress!

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