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The 10 Best Green Tea 'Matcha' Ice-Cream Shops in Kuala Lumpur

The time of regular vanilla ice creams are long gone and unique flavors such as Green Tea (or Matcha) ice creams are the biggest hits right. So we thought we share with you our favorite restaurants and shops that offer a variety of Green Tea ice creams, from the classic cheap convenient store buys to artisan versions that will make you drool with anticipation! Here, are the top 10 KL restaurants and shops that will fix your Matcha ice-cream cravings!

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Baskin Robbins

Everyone's favourite ice-cream store has been known for their 31 different flavoured ice-creams and their Green Tea ice-cream is a particular favourite of mine, with strong and tiny chunks of green tea pieces in every lick !More info here.

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Family Mart

You can get your Green Tea ice-cream fix here anytime of the day because this convenient store opens 24/7 ! And also the price is probably the cheapest you can ever find in town. Green Tea ice cream is sold in all Family Mart around the city. More info here.

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Tsujiri offers all sorts of Green Tea / Matcha desserts, from Matcha Sundae, Houjicha Milk Float, O-matcha Cream, O-matcha Kinako Kuromitsu and even Matcha cappuccino. More info here.

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Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea delivers green tea, maccha green tea and other fine Japanese food culture and traditions as the "new Japanese style" that suits the lifesytle of modern people. And of everything on the menu, everyone's favourite is none other than their signature Matcha Soft Cream, served in a crispy waffle cone. More info here.

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Matcha Hero Kyoto @ Pavilion KL

Get a taste of the richness of Japanese green tea ice-cream and drinks made from Marukyu Koyamaen Green Tea where everything is smooth and creamy. More info here.

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P.S. Tokyo @ SS2, PJ

Located in the heart of PJ, this P.S. Tokyo Soft Serve shop offers Matcha, Hojicha & Milk soft serves. The soft serve are all good but the Matcha version, which is not too overpowering and smooth, is particularly worth a try, if you are a fan of Matcha. 

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ViTO Cafe & Gelato @ J's Gate Dining, Lot10 KL

Gelateria ViTO has a display of colourful gelato that varies each season with unique scoops  exclusively used for gelato. Try the Green Tea flavor gelato, which is comparatively mild but yet very addictive ! More info here

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Haagen Dazs

Another local favourite is Haagen Dazs, for its premium ice-cream selections such as a well-rounded variety of Green Tea products like Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream, Matcha Green Tea & Almond Stickbar and Green Tea flavoured latte. More info here

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Just when you thought that Godiva is only known for their fine and premium chocolates, but with a  traditional Belgium style they also serve up a good quality of Matcha Soft Serve. The bittersweet matcha from Kagoshima, Japan pairs divinely with GODIVA's decadent dark chocolate - is definitely the ultimate irresistible treat. More info here

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Kind Kones

The very first vegan ice-cream shop in KL. All their ice-cream is housemade using chemical-free all natural ingredients, with no artificial flavoring or coloring, and comes with gluten-free options too! But do try their interesting, never seen before Matcha Coconut ice-cream, it might be your one of your favorite Matcha ice-creams ever ! More info here

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