Monday, August 27, 2018

OMM Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence - Reviewed

The effectiveness of your skincare products may vary on many factors such as the environment your skin condition and more. But what if you could boost the effectiveness of your current skincare regime as with a pre-serum or essence? which brings us to the OMM Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence. It claims to improve skin health by eliminating toxins and creating a balanced environment for healthy bacteria, resulting an enhanced skin resilience and decreased skin sensitivity. Let's find out if it lives up to it's hype.

OMM Skincare is considerably a new Korean beauty brand and it's the only one that uses bioactive Lactobacillus that mimics the natural bacterial protection of new-born babies. 

OMM Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence uses the Lactofermentation (Fresh Ferment) process to increases product's nutrition value and absorption level. This acts as a primer that amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products by making your skin more receptive. 

You'll LIKE how it makes your skin feels after applying the products, soft and moisturized.

You'll HATE the result is not as prominent as you would like it to be. 

Oh Ma Ma. That's what OMM stands for and that is what I would actually say after applying this on my face. This First Essence has a very lightweight texture that sinks into the my skin within seconds. But seriously, you wouldn't feel a tiny bit of greasiness or heavy feeling, and you can just continue with the next skincare immediately without waiting for it to be absorbed or massaging it over and over again. It is instructed to use this after cleansing, but I do enjoy using my toner before this as it feels rather weird if I were to apply toner after the First Essence, like as tho the toner doesn't absorb well into the skin.

But anyways, my skin does feel soft and supple after applying, and if you were to ask whether there's a significant improvement in terms of my skin condition, I would say it's not the kind of result where you can easily see it from the mirror. I notice my breakouts has reduced as I am using this and of course taking note of my food allergens contributes a big part to the reduction of my breakouts.

So to me, if you want to restore your skin condition from within, I think it did a pretty okay job, but to see dramatic difference from the outside like skin lifting, whitening or fighting dark spots, those are not the result you can visibly see from the product. Worth the splurge ? If you are happy with your current line-up then no. However, if you are lacking in the result from your current skincare, then perhaps it's worth looking into. 


Name : OMM Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence
Price : RM 199 each
Where to Buy : OMM Exclusive Store @ Pavilion KL

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