Sunday, July 1, 2018

THE FACE SHOP InkLasting Foundation : Long-lasting or The Last Thing You Want ?

Sometimes, it's hard to keep up with all the new beauty launches, especially when it comes to K-Beauty. But, if there's a new cushion foundation involved, I am always up for it. So recently, The Face Shop launched a new foundations set called InkLasting Foundation Slim Fit. This product comes in two different formats - typical foundation pump bottle and a cushion version. After 2 weeks of use here's what I found out about the new InkLasting Foundation below...

The Face Shop InkLasting Foundation Slim Fit makes sure you don't have to shy away from up-close look as it provides you flawless long-lasting foundation that melts into your skin.

You'll LIKE it for the dewy and lightweight formula.

You'll HATE the limited shades selection.

Out of the many foundations out there, I'd say that this goes into one of my favorite foundation formulas. Don't be put off by the thickness of the formula when you pump it on the back of your hand. As it feels lightweight and hydrating when you blend it all out on your face, but it can be slightly streaky if you blend it with a brush, so it would be a good idea to sheer it out with a damp Beautyblender. Anyways, the finish though really fabulous - a glass and dewy finish that glows with my skin looking healthy and natural, also having a fruity and citrus fragrance is definitely a plus point.

The downside with this InkLasting foundation is, One - the limited shades selection, as there are only 4 shades available, I do hope they will bring in more shades to cater to all skin types so everyone gets to try it out. Two - it is not as long-lasting as it should be, the T-zone area still needs some touch up and blotting after a few hours of application.

The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit To Go uses the same formula as the InkLasting foundation but comes in a  contactless pump and Rubycell puff to ensure an airbrushed, poreless finish every time. 

You'll LIKE it for the contact less cushion pump design, very hygienic and reduces bacterial contamination. 

You'll HATE it as one wont know how much is left in the cushion underneath. 

Cushion foundations... the reason why I love them is that they are just incredibly easy to use, just like this InkLasting Foundation Slim Fit To Go version. Just press the puff against the cushion casing and dab it on areas where you need a bit of coverage and viola ! The To Go version is exactly like the liquid foundation formula - lightweight, natural and dewy. Now this cushion foundation is much more hygienic as compared to the typical cushion foundation, because of their contact less cushion pump design. But...  the cushion is hidden underneath and you really can't estimate how much of product is left. So love the  formula but design not so much..!


Name : The Face Shop InkLasting Foundation Slimfit
Price : RM 88 / $20 each

Name : The Face Shop InkLasting Foundation Slim To Go
Price : RM 111 / $37 each
Where to Buy : The Face Shop store or

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