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LANEIGE *New Water Bank Essence, Mist & Quick Hydro Pen

When we talk about hydration, most of the time it's associated with dry skin. But here's the thing - even oily and combination skin can be dehydrated too and LANEIGE has improved and upgraded their signature Water Bank range that comes with two series - Hydro (oily skin) and Moisture (dry skin). This new Water Bank is formulated with advanced scientifically-engineered, skin-perfecting 'Green Mineral Water' to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Read on to find out more about the all-new Water Bank Essence, Mist & Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen... 

Laneige Water Bank Essence, RM 190 / SGD 60 (70ml) & Mist, RM 60 / SGD 22 (70ml)

WHO : Both HYDRO and MOISTURE essence/mist is targeted for skin dehydration. HYDRO is specifically for those with oily skin whereas MOISTURE is for dry skin type.

WHAT : (Essence) A water like serum that delivers strong hydrated feeling to the skin throughout the day. HYDRO essence comes with a splash of refreshment without feeling greasy and MOISTURE essence with an added power of moisturisation.
(Mist) Facial mist to give an instant moisturizing boost to skin. HYDRO mist has a fine and light texture whereas MOISTURE mist is soft and rich moisture-like cream texture.

WHERE : (Essence) It is to be applied on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
(Mist) Throughout the face.

WHEN : (Essence) Use this every morning and night after applying toner or lotion.
(Mist) Whenever your skin feels dry.

HOW : (Essence) Dispense 2 to 3 pumps and smooth it out on the cheeks, forehead and chin area.
 (Mist) Spray onto the face from about 20 to 30cm away with your eyes closed.

WHY : Laneige Water Bank Essence are formulated with Green Mineral Water, extracted from deep ocean water via the Cold Ocean Brew Technique. This technique extracts essential minerals and nutrients from six Super Vegetables that aid in the process of moisturising the skin. HYDRO Green Mineral Water has Moisture Creation Function, while MOISTURE Green Mineral Water has Barrier Recovery Function that prevents moisture depletion.

Laneige Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen, RM 45 / SGD 14 (4ml)

WHO : For those who wants to do a quick moisture fix anytime, anywhere.

WHAT : A lightweight water essence product in the form of a pen that gives a semi-matte finish after applying.

WHERE : Apply over any dry areas, and even on top of makeup.

WHEN : Anytime of the day, whenever is needed. Or to be used as a primer for your skin.

HOW : It is a one-touch pen-type bottle. Click the button on the back 1 or 2 times to dispense an adequate amount of product and apply it over any dry areas.

WHY : Using the new 'Green Mineral Water' technique, the easy to use pen provides moisture to the skin at one go and with its highly adhesion feature, it allows the product to hydrate the skin even when it is applied on top of makeup.

If you purchase any of the Water Bank Hydro or Moisture Essence at the Laneige Water Bar Roadshow and all Laneige outlets and counters, you will receive a complimentary 'Refill Me' limited edition water bottle, in which RM 10 from each sale will be directed towards the Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign 2018. 

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