Tuesday, June 5, 2018

dUCk Cosmetics Lip Gloss & Loose Setting Powder - Duck it or Get it ?

dUCk Cosmetics is now available  at Sephora and they offer quite a wide range of makeup from lipgloss, to makeup remover and much more. So as always over the weekend I tried out the dUCk Glossip Girl lip gloss and Girl Powder - Loose Setting, And kinda had a mixed experience with this cute branded products. Read on to find out on my Love-Hate relationship with dUCK..  

dUCk's Glossip Girl lip gloss has a formula that glides on your lips easily and hydrates your lips at the same time. 

You'll LIKE the glossy finish of it on your lips. 

You'll HATE the cheap and minty plastic scent and taste of the gloss. 

A recent discovery mainly because I liked the name of Glossip Girl lip gloss. Formula-wise they're exactly like your typical lip gloss; it's the same semi-gloopy gloss feeling. And for the colours, there are10 different colours to pick from, with some really out there shades like shimmery baby pink and deep purple poison ivy. Personally I'm not a fan of such bold shades, If nude is more of your thing, there's basically only one which is "Love Lola" that you can choose from. Also please be aware that the browny nude appearance in the tube is exactly how the swatches are. It's opaque so definitely has a decent amount of colour that it deposits to the lips, which is good. However, the main turn off that keeps me away from the Glossip Girl lip gloss is the incredibly minty feeling on my lips and cheap plastic-ky scent that comes along with it. So whenever I have this on my lips, the thought of "what chemical is on my lips" keeps playing in my mind because the scent is definitely not something you'll get in other lipgloss. 

dUCk Girl Powder - Loose Setting Powder has vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to set your makeup, protect your skin from environmental stressors, and it non-comedogenic, giving your skin a smooth, translucent finish to combat the midday shine without blocking your pores. 

You'll LIKE how it removes shines on your face with just a puff. 

You'll HATE it as it gets cakey towards the midday and definitely not the most handbag friendly setting powder. 

First of all, I have to say I am digging the mirror and puff of this setting powder. Mirror is always a plus point when it comes to face makeup and the puff looks cute and luxurious, tho the material of the puff doesn't feel comfortable on the face, rather rough. If you're ever in a situation where you're going to be on camera then this is the powder to use because it sets everything in place and looking natural. However, if you are planning for a day out with your friends and hoping that this will keep your makeup in place, then think again, as it gets cakey towards the midday, especially if you have oily skin. And with such a big and bulky design, it's definitely not the kind of setting powder that you carry around in your handbag for touch up. If only this has a more handbag friendly design... 


Name : dUCk Glossip Girl Lip Gloss
Price : RM 56.60 / $14.22 each

Name : dUCk Girl Powder - Loose Setting Powder
Price : RM 84.91 / $21.34 each

Where to Buy : Fashion Valet Stores (www.fashionvalet.com) & Sephora 

For more information, kindly visit :-

dUCk Cosmetics

Website : www.fashionvalet.com

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