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Complete Guide to Adult Acne Treatment in Singapore

If you are upset with your current skin condition, don’t be. As we speak to Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics to carefully pick a range of highly effective acne treatments in Singapore to end all of your skin woes, from pesky red pimples to dark red patches of post-acne marks.

Permanent Acne Solution: AGNES Acne Treatment

WHAT Originated from Korea, AGNES is a targeted permanent acne treatment for recurring, chronic acne. It uses insulated micro-needles to administer radiofrequency waves into the area to be treated. The radio frequency waves destroy the oil glands so that they are no longer capable of secreting sebum that may cause acne to develop.
COST Starts from S$250 for a small part of the face to $900 for full face.
DOWNTIME Skin will appear red and inflamed immediately after the treatment. It may seem like the acne has gotten worse but don’t fret. It will get better over the next one week as the swelling subsides.
BEST FOR AGNES Acne Treatment is best suited for people with recurring, chronic acne that just cannot seem to go away.

All-In-One Treatment: Dual Yellow Laser

WHAT Dual Yellow Laser is one of the latest and most advanced non-invasive laser treatments in the market right now. It features yellow and green light for fast, targeted treatment without breaking the skin surface. Its multi-wavelength capability allows the doctor to treat a wide range of skin issues such as lesions, sensitive skin, post-acne hyperpigmentation, and even acne.
COST Starts from about S$500.
DOWNTIME Minimal to almost no downtime. Skin may appear a little red but it should subside within the same day.
BEST FOR People with acne and sensitive skin. Dual Yellow Light is also suitable for people with hyperpigmentation or dark marks after recovering from acne.

Treatment for Oily Skin: Carbon Laser Peel

WHAT A thin layer of a medical grade liquid carbon is applied on the face. When the liquid carbon has penetrated deep into the pores, the doctor uses a laser to zap the face. When the laser interacts with the liquid carbon, it instantly vaporizes it and removes the bacteria and the debris lodged deep in the pores. With the unclogged pores and the gradual reduction in pore size, the skin will naturally be less prone to acne outbreaks.
COST Starts from S$300 per session.
DOWNTIME Carbon Laser Peel does not ablate the skin. It reacts with the liquid carbon which can be a little off putting for some people because of the crackling sound it makes. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable treatment that has almost no downtime. The face may appear a little red immediately after the treatment but it should recover within the same day.
BEST FOR People with oily skin and enlarged pores. 

Light Therapy for Acne: LED Blue Light Treatment

WHAT Studies have shown that using blue light is very effective in eliminating acne bacteria that is found on the face. The acne bacteria resonate at the same frequency of the LED blue light, making the membrane to break down, eventually destroying the bacteria.
COST About S$100 per session.
DOWNTIME There is no side effects or downtime from undergoing this treatment. It also does not cause any redness or swelling. 
BEST FOR People with red, active acne on the face. This treatment also suits people who are not keen to explore doctor treatments or consume oral medication to treat acne.

Acne Treatment with Peel: Chemical Peel 

WHAT Specially formulated chemical agent is used to exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin, allowing the clogged pores to release the dead skin cells and debris. This chemical peel treatment for acne penetrates deep into the pores to reduce the sebum production and eliminate acne bacteria.
COST About S$150 per session.
DOWNTIME The skin may appear mildly red and inflamed for a day or two. The skin will also be sensitive during the recovery period. Make sure you get sufficient rest and stay out of the sun.
BEST FOR People with dull complexion and accumulated dead skin cells. People with oily skin and severely clogged pores will also benefit from this treatment.

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