Saturday, May 12, 2018

Reboot Your Senses with Shiseido Essential Energy

Give your skin a wake up call with Shiseido latest Essential Energy moisuturizer. While you may think that you can stow away those anti-aging products because you are still young and radiant, little do we know that some of our cells are becoming less responsive to the skincare that we apply daily. So a little boost form a nourishing moisturizer, that  has the technology to reboot our senses is crucial in keeping our skin awake and responsive to skincare. Here's, a closer look at the latest Shiseido Essential Energy Moisuturizing Gel Cream.

Shiseido Essential Energy Moisuturizing Gel Cream, RM 240 / SGD 80 (50ml)

WHO : This new gel cream is best for those who have first signs of aging. Also dullness, dryness and other pre-visible signs of low skin energy are jolted away before they can appear on the skin.

WHAT : A fresh cooling and lightweight gel based moisturizer that encourages the skin's ability to create moisture by itself and to hold that locks in up to 8 hours of hydration, without feeling greasy.

WHERE : It is to be applied on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

WHEN : Use this every morning and night after cleansing and balancing skin.

HOW : Smooth the cream gently over the face, starting in the large areas such as cheeks and forehead, then move from the centre of the face outward, following the diagram below.

WHY : Shiseido claim's it's Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream is formulated with ReNeura Technology that boosts skin responsive power and optimizes it. And with the combination of Ashitaba leaves extract, it provides a protective effect against damage, creating healthy looking, energy-filled beauty from within. 

How to apply Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream

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