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Laneige Two-Tone Range : Sheet Mask, Correcting/Contouring Bar, Shadow Bar & Matte Lip Bar

While many of us are still using single's when it come to beauty, this season LANEIGE is introducing their Two-Tone products that offers more than just one benefit to your skin and also promises to make life easier to all beauty junkies. Let's find out whether TWO BETTER IS THAN ONE ? 

Two-Tone Sheet Mask targets on different skin problems of the upper and lower areas of the face. 

You'll LIKE because you get to target two different skin concerns with just one sheet mask. 

You'll HATE it that they have limited mask selections and the result did not wow. 

For those that have not seen LANEIGE's Two-Tone Sheet Mask, it is as per the name suggests, it comes in two parts, the top and bottom with different skincare benefits colored accordingly on the sheet fabric that fits perfectly on my face. Just leave the two parts of the sheet mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and massage the excess serum into the skin before peeling. 

The skin does feel fresh and supple after removing, but the results in the morning were quite meh, nothing too great to rave about, Anyways, I do see the whole concept that they are trying to do with the Two-Tone Sheet Mask, to save time and all but I still prefer a single sheet mask for hydration or clay mask for pore care. 

Two Tone Correcting/Contouring Bar. Improve your skin texture and correct your skin tone naturally through Two Tone Layering method. 

You'll LIKE how creamy and effortless it blends into the skin. 

You'll HATE this as it is lacking in the pigmentation department. 

I am only into cream based products when I am going for an everyday makeup. These new Laneige Two Tone Correcting/Contouring Bar is incredibly creamy in texture, that blends into the skin effortlessly, making it perfect to create the "no-makeup" makeup look. But for a evening serious makeup look, it's not very opaque as compared to powder based contour and even if you want to layer it up to create a more opaque finish, it would glide off by the time you blend the second layer on. Also when you swipe the triangular stick onto your cheek, the tip and edges will break off and I think eventually it will just become a round stick. So design-wise, not very practical, but texture-wise, lovely and creamy. 

Two Tone Shadow Bar completes professional gradation with just a single touch. 

You'll LIKE the simple and easy to use eyeshadow gradation, perfect for makeup newbie.  

You'll HATE as the color selection is limited and all of it are shimmery shades. 

My love for cream eyeshadow is a serious one, because they are long lasting and easy to blend and usually pack a real punch with pigment. Plus you can blend it out with your fingers. So when you get a cream eyeshadow with two tone that creates eyeshadow gradation in just one swipe, WIN ! It is perhaps the easiest eyeshadow makeup for no brainer because you can use the darker side as liners or smudge out on the lower lashline for a smokey effect. The only downside is the limited color selection but the shimmery finish is very pretty on the eyelids. 

Two Tone Matte Lip Bar expresses natural, two-toned gradation with the compound of high-coloration matte color and velvet lip primer without making the lips feel dry. 

You'll LIKE it because the matte finish is hydrating and doesn't settle into the crack lines. 

You'll HATE the lasting power, which is comparatively shorter than normal matte lipstick. 

Of course, you can't not talk about Laneige signature Two Tone Lip Bar in Matte. If I'm having a chapped lips day then this is something that I would always reach out to. The color payoff is good and it just makes my lips feel a little less drying and hydrated. These Two Tone Matte Lip Bars are hydrating which means that they do not adhere well and doesn't last long. So you do need to touch up now and then. 


Name : Two-Tone Sheet Mask
Price : RM 15 / S$19.90 each
Net Weight : 28ml

Name : Two Tone Correcting/Contouring Bar
Price : RM 115 / S$ 38 each
Net Weight : 7g

Name : Two Tone Shadow Bar
Price : RM 110 / S$ 38 each
Net Weight : 2g

Name : Two Tone Matte Lip Bar
Price : RM 85 / S$ 36 each
Net Weight : 2g

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