Monday, May 28, 2018

Asking Someone to the Homecoming Dance: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning to ask someone to be your date for the homecoming dance, we’re pretty sure you’re already freaking out right now. But, maybe it will help if we give you some tips on how you can turn this nerve-racking challenge into a success and have the most wonderful date of your life yet.

How to get your special someone to say yes to be your homecoming date:

1. Prepare yourself 

People get nervous about asking somebody out because of the possibility of rejection, but keep in mind that you’ll never know the answer to your question if you don’t ask. Before you jump in and ask this person to be your homecoming date, find out first if she already has a date. You can ask one of her friends or just find out from her. It will save you a lot of time, energy, and heartbreak when you find out right away if the person has already said yes to another date. Never ask her to ditch her date as this will be unfair to and will also reflect poorly on you.

2. Decide how you will ask

When you have determined that she’s still available for homecoming, you can ask her over the phone, through social media connections, or in person.

3. Choose the right time to ask

It’s definitely not when she’s in class or in a crowd, or when she’s in a hurry, or when she’s not in a good mood.

4. Help her out

If she hasn’t decided on a dress yet, you can try suggesting boutiques that are stocked in every style of dress.

5. Be confident

Be confident, but not pompous. Your confidence may be the key to winning this date but too much of this confidence can be a turn-off.

6. Initiate a friendly conversation first.

Before casually bringing up the topic of homecoming, ask how her homecoming preparation has been so far. You can even have yourself bump into her when she and her friends drop by for outfit recommendations.

7. Insert a compliment

Compliment her before asking your question, like “You’re really awesome and I was wondering if you'd like to be my date to homecoming?”

8. Smile

Make sure you ask the question with a smile while looking into her eyes so you have her attention while also showing genuine interest in her response.

9. Be creative

Putting much effort into it can impress the girl. If you want to try creative ways to ask someone to homecoming, check out these suggestions:

a. Do you share musical interests? Why not make them a mix tape/CD? You can write your invitation at the back of the tape/CD.

b. Is your date fond of pets? You can attach a note on your pet dog or cat with the question or a poem you wrote specifically for this proposal. With the pet’s natural charm and the personalized poem, we’re sure you’ll end up with a cuddly yes. 

c. Locker surprises are also great ideas. If you have the combination code,.. You can sneak in a stuffed toy bearing a note or streamer asking the person out to homecoming. Add in some confetti and flowers to complete this romantic surprise.

d. If your date loves food, especially sweets, then there should be no doubt that this is the perfect medium to use. Give them a cake, cupcakes, donuts, or whatever their favorite food is with the message written on them. You can even order personalized fortune cookies bearing the message.

 These are just some suggestions you can try to win the homecoming date of your dreams.

 love ♥,