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Clarins Cushion Foundation, SOS Base & All-in-1 Pen : Worth The Splurge ?

Clarins sent us a mini makeup kit a few weeks ago which included a cushion, primer and colored liner, So over the weekend all I did was play with these 3 products to figure out weather it's worth the splurge of your hard earned cash.. Let's read on for the review below..

CLARINS Everlasting Cushion Foundation+ SPF 50 PA+++ has a sensational texture that feels like you are not wearing foundation. It might look like a compact but it contains the equivalent of a lightweight, fluid foundation, full of moisture. 

You'll LIKE it for the very natural and dewy finish. 

You'll HATE it because foundation will move around due to the moisturizing texture. 

Okay let's start on with my least favourite, which is the Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation. I have always been a big fan of cushion foundation and I personally think its the best invention ever in the makeup scene. Aside from the packaging, the one thing that differentiates each from another is the texture of the cushion foundation. The Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation's coverage is light to slight medium and great for everyday but I find it to be pretty hard to build up the coverage due to the moisturizing texture. It will basically move around or leave a stamping mark as you stamp the foundation on the same area, trying to build a higher coverage. A lot of blended out is needed if you are trying to layer it and for tropical weather like this, you'll definitely need to set it with powder or else by mid-day, it will probably become patchy on the face. In case you are wondering, I do have  combination skin (t-zone oily and normal), so maybe this might work magic for dry skin gals. 

CLARINS 4-Colour All-in-1 makeup tool for eyes and lips. 

You'll LIKE it for the innovative classic 4-colour pen design and with this you can have eyeliner and lipliner all in one product. 

You'll HATE it probably for the rough edges finish as an eyeliner. 

This 4-in-one pen has to be the most innovative makeup tool that has come out lately. It does reminds me of the clicky multi-colour pens we had in school. Out of the 4 colours, 3 of them are for eyes which includes the deep black, essential brown and blue marine, then one rosewood colour for the lips. They work beautifully especially the lip liner because it's so natural that it basically gives you the 'your lips but better' kind of finish. As for the eyeliner, I still can't seem to get a sharp cat eye flick with it, but I do find the colour is very pigmented especially the blue marine shade. Also, other than using it as an eyeliner, the essential brown shade can be used to sculpt the brows too. 

CLARINS SOS Primer will visibly minimizes dark spots for a perfectly even skin tone. It has Clarins' exclusive High Lumitech Complex that neutralizes, illuminates and blurs imperfections - prepping skin for make-up application that is impeccable and long-lasting. 

You'll LIKE the luminous and subtle glowy finish it gives.

You'll HATE and like the pump design because it's hygienic in a way but sometimes, it can get a bit hard to dispense product from the pump.

I LOVE the texture of this SOS Primer, perhaps even more than any other primer that I own. The texture is almost like water-heavy moisturizer with some glittery specks in it, which means that it hydrates but doesn't turn you into a greasy-ball. Top this up with my Shiseido Cushion Foundation and I'll get a glowy finish. Others probably won't be able to tell a difference but I can see that my complexion looks brighter and with a bit more of healthy glow than it had before. It basically makes me feel fresh, you get what I mean ?

So it is worth the splurge ? If you are looking for a new primer or something innovative to try, then yes. However, if you are happy with your current line-up and not into that dewy finish, then perhaps it's a no for you. 


Name : CLARINS Everlasting Cushion Foundation + SPF 50 PA+++
Price : RM 160 / SGD 65 / $44 each
Net Weight : 13g

Name : CLARINS 4-Colour All-In-One Pen
Price : RM 138 / SGD 48 / $32 each

Name : CLARINS SOS Primer
Price : RM 130 / SGD 50 / $39 each
Net Weight : 30g

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