Monday, April 16, 2018

Authentic Spanish Tapas in KL @ Garbo by the Pool, Meliá Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Garbo by the Pool located at Meliá Hotel Kuala Lumpur, is something special with authentic fun, finger-sized Spanish tapas options and of course some iconic Paella, makes it a charming and flavorful place to be, where the food does most of the talking. So scroll down and check out our delicious review.. 

Escalivada (RM 29)
Roasted Egg Plant Skinless, Pimentos, Red Paprika, Green Paprika, Onions, Potatoes, Fresh Basil & Olive Oil

This cold dish salad has a very finely blended flavor that goes great as bread a topper  or dip zesty yet sweet and the olive oil makes all the difference.  

Tosta de Cecina (RM 31)
Toasted Baguette Loaf, Olive Oil & Spanish Air Dried Beef

Over all the dish was tasty but I feel the beef should be much much thinner as it was a little chewy at the end of a bite. 

Pan Tomaca (RM 19)
Toasted Baguette, Grated Garlic, Crushed Tomato & Olive Oil

There's a wide selection of tapas available in Garbo by the Pool and one of my favourite plates of tapas is none other than the Pan Tomaca. Quality toasted bread, smothered with a layer of freshly crushed tomato puree, lots of olive oil, salt and garlic. It's incredibly simple but highly satisfying. Just dip it in some more olive oil and your good to go.

Golden Fried Croquette 
Chicken (RM 6 per pc), Beef (RM 8 per pc), Salmon (RM 8 per pc), Vegetable with mushroom (RM 5 per pc)

Instead of settling for a single floured croquette, we had one of each and it arrived on a individual portioned plate. All of them were perfectly golden with a light crunch and a gooey soft centre.

Prawns in Garlic & Olive Oil - Gambas al Ajitlo (RM 38)
Prawn, Garlic, Olive Oil, Salt & Chilli

This small platter of prawns would be really great for a topper but not on it's own as it is a little strong to the taste.  

Spanish Omelette (RM 29)
Thin Sliced Potato, Onion & Olive Oil

One of the star dishes throughout the whole evening was the Spanish Omelette - garnished with some roasted peppers and served with sliced bread. A classic and basic plate of omelette with onions and potatoes but comes with serious attitude and flavours. You can really taste the time and passion put into preparing this dish as it arrives on the table hot and fluffy. 

Seafood Paella (RM 75)
Seafood, Saffron, Olive Oil, Fish Broth & Calrose Rice

Main course came in a way of more beautiful seafood. A huge sizzling pan arrived at the table, full to the brim with mussels, prawns, grilled peppers and bits of chopped squids. The whole pan of seafood Paella was precision perfectly cooked, fresh and the hours of cooking coated every grain rice perfectly. If you are into a slight crusty flavour in your rice, try scrapping the layer of crunch rice that forms on the bottom of the paella pan.  

Creme Catalana (RM 19)
Caramelized Brown Sugar

Perhaps my least favourite part of our meal was dessert. It wasn't bad by any means but somehow it wasn't as exciting as the rest of th dishes that we had throughout the evening. Creme Catalana, a rich Spanich custard with a burnt caramelized brown sugar topping. 

 In a  crowed dining scene of  international food with 5 star pricing, Garbo by the Pool is such a breath of fresh air that has well sized portions considering it's just tapas (aka appetizer's)  and overall  food quality is worth the price. So if you are looking for quality, authentic Spanish food without going all the way to Spain, Garbo by the Pool in Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a must try..! 

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