Friday, March 9, 2018

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum - How to Reawake your skin's Youth ?

Oil based products have always been a staple at skincare counters and they promise a multitude of uses and result, so what's the big fuss about the new Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum ? Well, it is the highest concentrated argan oil serum with 255 drops of argan oil in each bottle. And some of you may know, argan oil is potent and extremely gentle on the skin, but what about oily skin ? Let's find out..

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum encapsulated 255 drops of revitalizing argan oil and a powerful amino acid which helps fight signs of ageing. This formula intensely nourishes, while helping to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and firm the skin. Its light oil texture leaves a non-greasy finish and is easy to massage into skin, making it a pleasure to apply. 

You'll LIKE the nourishment that it provides to your skin, especially dry skin gals. 

You'll HATE it if you are already a regular oil user because it might not give that extra oomph to your skin.  

I haven't used oil products on my face for a while now due to the hormonal breakouts that I have been getting lately, but so far Melvita products have been quite decent to my skin, that's why I am intrigued to try their new Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum. Well, first of all, the product is colourless but that varies depending on the batch of the argan seed which is harvested. So if you so happen to get a slight yellowish or brownish color bottle of Argan oil, fret not,It's not spoiled or expired. 

Anyways, I have been using it as the last step of my night routine for well over 2 months and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels smooth and soft, not to mention glowy too. And it's definitely not too greasy that turns me off but the only thing that you might need is, some extra time in massaging it into the skin. In fact, there is a 4 steps massaging method to apply the Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum, as follows.

If you are already using oil in your skincare routine then this might not bring the extra oomph to your skin, but if are like me, not a regular user, then your skin will appreciate the nourishment it gives. Just one thing that you need to take note is just one or two drops of oil will do for an oily skin gal. 


Name : Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur Youthful Oil Serum 
Price : RM 255 / SGD86 each
Where to Buy : Melvita Stores Nationwide
Net Weight : 30ml

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