Sunday, March 25, 2018

HP Sprocket, The Best Instant Photo Printer in Town (Review)

I've loved the idea of instant photos ever since my first Instax Mini a few years ago, call me old fashioned but having something tangible to keep and share with friends is always a little more gratifying than Instagram. HP's SPROCKET portable photo printer is something truly  amazing for the price and it will probably  replace  that Fujifilm Instax Mini or Share  your currently using.  Find out why below,

With the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them. Make time with friends more memorable with instantly sharable 2 x 3-inch (5 x 7.6 cm) snapshots or stickers of every fun-filled moment.

At first glance the HP Sprocket looks very chic in white and gold trimmings, about the size of a fat iPhone 7 which means you can easily fit it inside your mini handbag or clutch, making it incredibly easy to bring around. Also the built in battery should last up to 30 prints before a charge for about 90 mins is necessary but no worries as you can just simply plug it into a power bank and just keep going.

The App available for IOS and Adroid is easy to configure and able connect via bluetooth to your preferred device, which takes about 5 mins in all. Also the full featured app allows you to edit images for color, size and tone not to mention there's a tone of  widgets to customize the image before printing which is really fun to do. Once all the editing is completed the printing which takes about 10  seconds is almost silent except for a lite vibration as the gears move.  Overall I did not find any real issues with the Sprocket other then once in awhile you might get a white line on the top of the image instead of a full frame picture, I'm not exactly sure why this happens as it may just be a bug in the app.

Another fun thing you will notice, the photo printed is also a sticker. Just peel off the back and you can stick on anything.

You will Like the chic white and rose gold design, also it's Incredibly portable and best of all the device is only RM 499/ SGD 139

You will Hate The white line you get on top of the photo sometimes depending your on phone and OS

For RM 499 this devise is fabulous with no real down side other than some unnoticeable App bugs as compered to it's only competitor in Malaysia the Instax share which is larger and more expensive.   

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