Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Face Shop Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipstick -Pencil

Last year, it was all about liquid lipstick and the matte look. But this season we trend back to the  old fashioned lipstick and lip pencil with THE FACE SHOP's new Flat Velvet and Flat Glossy Lipstick. It's unique flat square tip that works like a lipstick as well as a lip pencil gives it an edge over the other brands but the question is, 'Can you really combine a lipstick and a lip pencil in one product ? Does it work ?'.. let's find out... 

Flat Velvet & Flat Glossy Lipstick is a flat stick type lip product that provides delicate, defining finish with flat shaped stick which prevents colors from feathering or bleeding. Highly pigmented formula delivers brilliant look of color to your lips. 

You'll LIKE it for the incredibly pigmented color payoff and how easily it glides on the lips. 

You'll HATE that it doesn't check the long-lasting box and also it gets a bit messy to maintain the flat shape of the lipstick to be used as a lip liner.

THE FACE SHOP's new Flat Lipstick has decent color selection, from beige nudes to the deep berry reds. And it comes with two different finishing which is the Flat Velvet and Flat Glossy. By the name of it, I would eventually veer towards the Flat Velvet finish because I am not a fan of gloss, but as I swatch it on my hand, I have just converted. The Flat Glossy lipstick has a much more creamier and pigmented formula as compared to the Flat Velvet lipstick. Don't get me wrong, both are highly pigmented but because of the slight glossy finish, it glides on the lips much more easier and has the plumped lip look after applying it. 

They have designed the lipstick in a flat square shape so you can use the edge of it as a lip pencil and the flat side as normal lipstick. I do agree with the functionality of it but the creamy formula doesn't serve very well as a lip pencil because it fades off like any other lipstick by the end of a meal. On the upside, it's not drying to the lips like a lip pencil. So it's really a catch 22 here... 

Each of the colors are very wearable for a variety of occasions and suitable for all skin tones (swatches as above). The pinks of Rose Pink, Be My Pink, Lily Pink and Rococo Pink are pretty, and not too bright or brash. London Red is the most gorgeous bright true red and if you want a hint of coral to your red, New York Red will do the job. And for that everyday look, Solar Beige, which mixes a blend of nudes and browns.

Overall, the Flat Lipstick is truly pigmented, just as you see in the packaging and not overly drying too. I'm really impressed with it as a lipstick but not so much of a lip pencil...  


Name : THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet & Flat Glossy Lipstick
Price : RM 45 / SGD 15 / USD $11 each
Where to Buy : The Face Shop Store nationwide
Net Weight : 1.4g

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