Friday, November 3, 2017

RIMOWA 80 years of Aluminium Luggage

RIMOWA, the original aluminium suitcase has been around since 1973. Throughout the years, they have been continuously improving the quality of the suitcase from the case sizes, interiors, corners, handles to even the wheels. So to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the RIMOWA aluminium suitcase, loyal fans of  the brand are sharing the to the world their personal travels moments, which includes fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld showing a personal photograph of his suitcase and other personalities like award-winning director David Fincher, editor in chief Carine Roitfeld, artist Anne Imhof, designer Virgil Abloh, entrepreneur Martha Stewart, celebrity Fan Bing Bing and many more. Each of the suitcases tells the travel story of their own, making it unique and personal. Scroll down to see their travel story....

RIMOWA 80 Years of Aluminium Luggage

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Karl Lagerfeld

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Anne Imhof

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Jolin Tsai

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Corinna Keller

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Eugene Tong

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Kevin Liu

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Patrick Fa

Rimowa 80th Anniversary : Raul Cardoza

The four RIMOWA aluminium cases that represent the milestones of the past 80 years are :

  • The wardrobe trunk was one of the first cases to be made of aluminium. Its "hammer stroke" pattern was typical at that time. 
  • Small cases with the unmistakable grooved design were a status symbol for stylish cosmopolitans in the mid-20th century. 
  • The camera case represents another RIMOWA innovation and is still manufactured in Cologne as the Tropicana range. 
  • The 2007 Topas is a modern cabin trolley made of aluminium, with the high-quality Multiwheel system and an extendable telescopic handle with no present stages for ease of movement. 
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