Friday, October 20, 2017

ERDEM x H&M Collection 2017 : Unique Lookbook Created by MICHAL PUDELKA

We are definitely looking forward to the ERDEM x H&M Collection 2017. And last week they just released a unique lookbook created by Michal Pudelka. In case you didn't know, Michal Pudelka is a renowned photographer that is known for his unique direction and fantasy-like photography and he has  put his talents to work with ERDEM and H&M to create this unique lookbook true to the ERDEM's dialects of beauty.

"ERDEM x H&M is a collection that really spoke to me, and I wanted to create for it a look book with a twist. I love to add elements of surprise and surrealism, and thought of details to enhance the atmosphere, like flowers being handed to the model from out of frame," - says Michal Pudelka. 

As you scroll down to check out the ERDEM x H&M's unique look book, you will notice that Michal Pudelka has infused the images with a feeling of Englishness, at the same grand country house where he shot the print campaign and Baz Luhrmann directed his short film for ERDEM x H&M. Enjoy...

The ERDEM x H&M collection will be available in H&M Lot 10 and H&M Avenue K, as well as on, from November 2.