Tuesday, September 5, 2017

TOP 5 Must-Try H&M Beauty (Cosmetics, Skincare, Bodycare & Beauty Tools)

H&M Beauty will finally be available in Malaysia! If you're new to H&M Beauty, the collections can be a little  overwhelming as they have everything from creamy lipsticks to concealers and more... way more including body and skincare products too. With product prices as affordable as drugstore brands, it's easy to get carried away and plus there are even 20% discount for purchases of 5 items and above! Keep reading and we'll share with you the TOP 5 products that  must be added to your shopping cart...

Top 5 Must-Try H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty Infiniti Impact Eye Color (RM 29.90) - Their individual eye shadow colors are nothing but pigmented and creamy. You can expect to find yourself with a wide selection ranging from shimmery pearl white to deep blue and even exotic bright yellow.

H&M Beauty Natural Satin Foundation (RM 74.90) -  This dewy and sheer formula will give you the ideal "no-makeup" makeup look while still looking luminous. 

H&M Custom Color Drops Darkening/Lightening (RM 74.90) - If you've been searching for the perfect foundation shade then the H&M Custom Color Drops is a game changer. Just add a few drops of the darkening or lightening liquid to the Natural Satin Foundation or your own, and there you go, your perfect base makeup. 

H&M Lip Color Cream/Matte (RM 49.90) - There's quite a decent amount of hues that let you create just about any lip makeup, such as the standard true reds, corals and matte nude brown colors, as well as some adventurous shades like purple and deep brown. 

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush (RM 44.90) - Simply the prettiest hexagon blush packaging ever. Get perfectly blended into your makeup, giving you a natural flush and with an overall glow to the skin. 

That's our Top 5 must try H&M Beauty products, but here's little more.. below cause we just can help our self's..:p

H&M Beauty Lip Balm

H&M Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

H&M Nail Color (RM 24.90)

H&M Beauty Lip Balm (RM 29.90)

H&M Beauty Body Mist

Left to Right : H&M Beauty Body Scrub (RM 49.90) & H&M Beauty Hand Wash (RM 39.90)

H&M Beauty department will be made available in selected H&M stores which includes H&M Lot 10, Avenue K, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid. Welcoming the arrival of the new Beauty department, they will also be offering 20% discount to all shoppers who purchase 5 or more beauty items, from 14 to 17 Sept. That's not all, exciting giveaways and activities will be held exclusively at H&M Lot 10 and Avenue K stores. Pamper yourself with a COMPLIMENTARY first-come-first-served hand massage, at the pop-up beauty parlour available on 14th and 15th September from 12pm to 2pm, and 16th and 17th September from 2pm to 5pm. Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM 200 on any beauty products at H&M Lot 10 or Avenue K store will receive a special travel kit, while stocks last !

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