Friday, September 29, 2017

A Night at the Casino in Singapore

When we think of casinos, one thing springs to mind: James Bond. Yes, it’s a little weird, but it’s true and let’s be honest, most of you were thinking of 007, too, right? Well, secret agents aside, when I hear that someone is going to the casino, all I can think of is high stakes, celebs, and luxurious gaming rooms with felt tables. And strange as it may seem, you don’t have to fly to Monte Carlo to experience all of this. Singapore has it all.

For those of you that fancy a game of blackjack or poker, you have two choices (three if you want to play online at home). They are the Resorts World Sentosa Casino and the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Both are suitably glitzy and glamorous in appearance, but I’ll be honest, if there isn’t a special event, then don’t expect to rub shoulders with the glitterati in a Singapore casino.

Most of the people that hit these casinos are guests at the hotel, tourists staying at other hotels, or locals that just want to have some fun at the tables. So, you get a nice mix of folk. Plus, both places are managed very well and provide excellent customer service, which makes everyone pretty happy.

So, with the regular clientele in mind, I wouldn’t recommend dressing up too much. Smart casual is good, whereas a tuxedo a la Bond is total overkill. For that, you really will have to fly to Monte Carlo. The best thing to wear at these types of casinos are clothes that look smart but that you also feel comfortable in.

Foreigners get in for free, but if you’re from Singapore, then you need to pay a cover charge at both casinos. That’s why they ask customers to bring their passports with them; and yes, they are very strict on this. No passport or local ID? No entry.

Now, hitting the casino is all well and good, especially if you’re into games like poker and blackjack, but for those of you who are not quite confident enough, it’s best to get some practice in. PokerStars has a cool new game, based on traditional poker, called Power Up that you can play online. Try it out; it’s a great confidence builder and good preparation for your night at the casino.

For those of you that prefer something a little less challenging, I recommend the slots. There’s something hypnotizing about the lights and sounds, so be careful otherwise you might spend your whole night there. Another good option for beginners is the roulette table as the rules are super simple. Watch other players for a few minutes to get a feel for how the game works and you’ll pick it up in no time.

One thing about both casinos, though, is that there are smoking areas inside, which means that it does get a bit smoky even in the non-smoking areas. Drinks like coffee, water, and sodas are all free, which is nice and makes you feel like staying longer. The staff at both casinos are also extremely friendly and although security at the front doors might seem a little heavy-handed, they’re there so that you can enjoy your night out safely.

While Singapore casinos might not offer the glam and glitz of their counterparts in Monte Carlo, they are just as good as any place in Macau or even Vegas. Everything is relatively new, the games are good, and the staff is wonderful, what more could you ask for? It’s just a pity there’s no Daniel Craig. Even a lookalike would do!

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