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5 Must Know Solutions for Recurring Acne

With the exception of the few lucky ones, most of us suffer from acne at some point in our lives and recurring acne can be a real problem emotionally as our appearance plays a very large part when it comes to our self- esteem and how we interact with the world. So we got  Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics to share with us some tips on how to achieve clear, smooth skin by getting rid of that recurring acne.

Change Your Skin Care Products  

Try switching your skincare products to ‘non-comedogenic’ ones. ‘Non-comedogenic’ means that the products are specially formulated not to clog pores. Also, try to use water-based products so that they can be easily washed off without leaving any residue on the face.

Vitamin A Can Improve Acne Conditions

Research has found that vitamin A added to topical applications is effective in treating acne conditions. Commonly referred to as ‘retinol’, it encourages cell renewal and effectively removes whiteheads and blackheads and clears clogged pores effectively by chemically exfoliating dead skin cells on the surface. With debris removed from the pores, inflammation does not occur and naturally, acne does not develop.

AGNES Acne Treatment for Permanent Acne Removal

On the advice of an aesthetic doctor in Singapore, severe acne sufferers can opt for targeted treatments to eliminate severe acne and prevent scarring of the skin.

AGNES Acne Treatment is a permanent acne treatment offered by Radium Medical Aesthetics. It uses an advanced non-surgical treatment designed by Korean doctors to permanently eliminate acne by addressing the root cause. What it does is essentially destroying the hyperactive sebaceous glands that ae responsible for the development of acne.

During the 45-minute treatment, the doctor uses a special micro-insulated needle to protect the surface of the skin and surrounding tissue while it delivers targeted radiofrequency waves to destroy the glands. The special micro-insulated needle protects the surface of the skin and prevents the skin surface from getting burnt while delivering radiofrequency waves to destroy the sebaceous glands.

With the active sebaceous glands destroyed by the radiofrequency waves, hair follicles no longer get infected and acne no longer recurs.

Chemical Peel Treatment for Acne

For a person suffering from trypanophonia, don’t fret. There is a non-invasive option to address your acne problem. A chemical peel treatment is a non-invasive treatment to reduce the bacteria formation and sebum production by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. The treatment acts as a chemical exfoliant to remove the top layer to reveal the less damaged skin underneath. Under the supervision of the doctor, chemical peel treatment can be an effective way to reduce the growth of acne by exfoliating the dead skin to unclog the pores.

Acne-Busting Program Designed for Intensive Treatment

Acne is known to be stubborn and extremely challenging to treat At Radium Medical Aesthetics we also have specially designed intensive 8-session program for a holistic, effective acne-eliminating and blemish revision treatment. Acne Clear Ultimate Program, one of the most popular acne treatment programs, consists of the following individual treatments:

LED Red Light – To aid in reducing redness and inflammation of the skin caused by active acne
LED Blue Light – To destroy acne-causing bacteria
Carbon Laser Peel – To reduce oiliness of the skin and minimize pore size so that acne does not have the right conditions to develop
AquaPeel – To cleanse the skin and infuse the skin with anti-oxidant so that acne does not recur
Gold Toning Laser – To target and dissipate red areas on the skin to treat active acne and reduce red scars caused by acne

With this carefully designed and well-thought-out acne treatment program, even the most stubborn would be cleared and reduced.

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