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HIFU Face lift Method- Is it Right For You?

As we become older, our skin and tissue are also not spared of the aging process. There are many ways of improving the appearance of your skin such as scrubs, botox , IPL and etc. But today our friends from Radium Aesthetics will give you a rundown on a new method called HIFU. Read on to find out more.

What is HIFU ?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an effective non-invasive treatment for skin lifting, without damaging the skin or the subcutaneous layer and its surrounding tissues, it creates selective thermal coagulative zones on the subcutaneous layer and Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer to improve skin laxity and eliminate fat cells. Basically heats up the skin in the right places with sound pulses to help your skin tighten itself by reducing cellular damage. Once complete a gradual face lifting and  tightening effect will take place in areas where targeted heat was applied.

What we use ? 

We use Doublo a 2nd generation HIFU system for skin lifting and skin rejuvenation. The Doublo HIFU machine uses ultrasonic waves to lift and tighten the skin non-invasively. The unique function of Doublo lies in the dual layer treatment that it provides, at a depth of 3.0mm, neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis are activated by inducing thermal effect. In other words, it stimulates collagen remodeling to tighten the skin and treat deep-set wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

At a deeper layer of 4.5mm, the thermal effect brought about by the treatment causes the SMAS layer to contract and the fat layer reduced for a visible lifting and contouring effect. At 4.5mm, Doublo is able to effectively destroy subcutaneous fat, which is similar to the liposculpting concept to improve the outline of the face.

After the skin lifting treatment by Doublo, there is an immediate lifting and contouring effect which is most visible in the jawline, double chin, neck, and eyebrow areas.

The biggest difference between HIFU and other laser or light-based therapies is that it is effective for skin rejuvenation even on dark skin. Patients with dark skin traditionally have difficulties in undergoing light-based treatments without any side effects.

Does it hurt ?

Ultrasonic waves emitted from Doublo is precise and has a wide dot size. What this means to the patient is that the treatment is more comfortable and they will not feel a sharp pain as compared to other HIFU treatments in the market.

Although painkillers might still have to be administered, patients have found that there is little need to rely on large dosage of painkillers since the treatment is more well-tolerated.

Are there any side effects ?

You can expect some mild swelling and redness immediately after the treatment. For some people with sensitive skin, you may also experience some tingling sensation. However, these side effects should settle after a few hours.

How Long does it take?

During the healing process over 2 to 3 months, a gradual face lifting effect will take place in areas where targeted heat was applied and you will see tightening of the skin

Will this work for me?

The lifting and tightening result is more pronounced in older people with moderate skin laxity and fat on the face.

Doublo skin lifting treatment is also suitable for people under the age of 40 who wish to take preventive measures to stimulate collagen production in the skin and strengthen the dermis to delay the onset of aging.

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