Thursday, June 8, 2017

Neutrogena x Mercedes-Benz STYLO Happy Skin 24/7 Fashion Debut

Growing up, Neutrogena was probably one of the first few brands you’d most likely swipe up at the drug store when looking for a cleanser to achieve that perfect skin. As time goes by, we learn that our skin does not comes in one type, so with Neutrogena’s deep-cleansing range offering a wide selection of cleansers and makeup removers, everyone gets a little something to match his/her skin needs.

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 Fashion Debut

There are three types you can expect from Neutrogena’s Deep Clean cleansing range. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser – a facial cleanser that removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells using a rich creamy foam that keeps the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam – an oil-gel that transforms into an emulsion that is effective yet gentle on the skin and has an easy to rinse foam for an easy cleansing experience. With extractions of Oleifera leaf extracts, it gentle removes makeup, dirt and oil in one wash.

To celebrate the range, Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 was introduced featuring a series of 30 designs presented at Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival 2017. Designers like Hazzer Wan Lee debuted his collection, which was inspired by water splash to celebrate Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Range. Water hues of green, blue, orange and pink were incorporated with cotton silk were used to mimic the movement of water. Also, Kittie Yiyi’s collection featured the quintessential beach girl look with ruffles and cheerful stripes to celebrate confidence

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 x Mercedes-Benz STYLO : Hazzer Wan Lee

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 x Mercedes-Benz STYLO : Kittie Yiyi

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