Friday, June 2, 2017

Bernard Chandran Nouveau Petang Raya 2017

Bernard Chandran explores the fashion of the three eras, by fusing them with today’s trend within his retro approach to the ‘kurung’.  Working with graphic prints, reflecting the 1970’s, and infusing textures and cuts of the 1950’s and 1960’s; the Petang Raya 2017 collection breathes a ‘nouveau’ sense of modernity and independence of style that continues to push the boundaries of its wearer. Check out the highlights below..

 Keeping up with the most modern and international silhouettes, you will see the unconventional mix of different patterns and embellishment, within one complete look.  Achieving a fresh and new geometric style of embellishment, embroidery and beading as well as incorporating the three time periods in one piece, this collection established its own standard of style.

“I am like a time traveller and going back to these eras where people are more embracing, fun and positive with a free spirited vibe.  I am inspired by our own iconic and stylish Malay celebrities like Mariam Ismail, Saloma, Saadiah and even Rahimah Alias who were like the ‘Faye Dunaways’ of our world,” explained Chandran.

love ♥,