Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lewre Bespoke Pays Homage to Mother Nature

In conjunction with the upcoming Ramadan season, Lewre teamed up with Tanah Aina Café Resort to bring its latest shoe collection which pays its tribute to Mother Nature with its collection that draws beauty directly from the source itself.

Lewre Bespoke Pays Homage to Mother Nature

The collection is all about the importance of conservation of Malaysia’s own natural resources. Both Dato’ Lewre Lew and Puan Sri Shariffa Sabrina Syed Akil shared their thoughts and love regarding the importance of preserving Mother Nature in all of its glory. “The value of our rainforest stems beyond its beauty, we must not forget we are children of nature and we must do our part in conserving and protecting our roots” – Puan Sri Shariffa.

“In the day, the sun brings warmth to the forest and helps it thrive but as night falls, it turns frigid and ruthless. The beauty and possibilities are endless and the team of designers at Lewre Bespoke spent many waking hours refining the masterpieces in your hands – because it’s very personal” – Dato Lewre.

The bespoke designs will be available at the Lewre Bespoke outlet located in the Gardens Mall, Midvalley from May 20, 2017 onwards, where 10% of the profits raised from sales of the Gorgeous Lush series will be donated to the PEKA foundation in hopes to continue with the conservation of Mother Nature.

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