Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Forgive Someone Who Broke Your Heart


All of us were hurt. Someone could badly treat us, betray, and break our hearts. Usually, this leads to problems. You feel unhappy, there is tension in your relationships with friends, problems in the family, the inability to concentrate on work, you start to avoid people, and avoid all new things. You fall into the trap of resentment and anger and don’t see any way out. No matter how painful your breakup was, sooner or later there comes the time to start dating after divorce and become happy again. We will try to help you find strength and mercy in yourself to accept apologies and live on.

•        Let the situation go
It will not be possible to do in a one second or even a day, it will take time. The main thing is to realize that these useless experiences prevent you from living. So don’t focus on your problem. You have to fall into indifference.

•        Stop talking about it
How many times have you told your friends about it? How many times has this story been running in your head? Stop doing this. You just worry a lot and prevent the healing of your heartache. You force yourself into an emotional depression constantly thinking about your grievances.

•        Weigh the pros and cons
What is wrong with that? How did that affect the relationship with a particular person and relationships with other people? How did that affect your family and work? What if it made your dream unattainable and made you completely unhappy? You should analyze all this and determine what exactly changed for the worse. Think about how forgiveness will make your life easier, how it will make you happier, and how freedom from your past and constant experiences will make your life better.

•        Accept your anger
You were offended, humiliated, your feelings were hurt. You have the right to be offended and angry. But part of you will resist forgiveness and you will want revenge. You should understand that is important to let all the anger go. Stay alone and analyze your feelings.

•        The choice is yours
You can’t control the actions of others and you shouldn’t even try. But you can decide for yourself how you will act and what you will think. You are free to stop your sufferings and move on. You have this power. All you need is to figure out how to do it.

•        Recognize your responsibility
Every quarrel always has two sides, and each carries its own part of the responsibility. Perhaps you provoked it somehow. Were you insensitive to her feelings and desires? Or did you struck a nerve in response to her hurting words? Think about where you can be wrong and apologize for your actions. And most importantly – forgive yourself.

•        Concentrate on the present
Everything that you were experiencing was left in the past. The only thing that really spoils your life is only in your head. You should return to reality. What are you doing at the moment? Take pleasure out of it and don’t return to the past. When your thoughts move where shouldn’t, notice this and bring it back to the present.

•        Set priorities
Decide what is most important for you. Is it punishment? Is it revenge? Or it is better to return warmth and intimacy to your relationship? If you truly love this person and she occupies an important place in your life, you will want to return her.

•        Feel compassion
Forgiving your abuser you feel that this weight falls off your shoulders. You should feel what a relief it is to live without irritation and anger. Feel sympathy for this person and wish her love and happiness from the heart. Of course, this will not happen right away. But if you follow the rules above, you will come to this anyway.
And remember that forgiveness is important for both you and her. But if she continues to behave badly towards you, think about whether she deserves your trust.

 love ♥,