Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Floral Trends You Should Probably Avoid

The advent of social media, personal brands and image has never been more important. One way of showing off your unique personality and taste is through fashion. So following fashion trends can be a way of staying relevant in this ever-changing world. However, it’s not as simple as taking runway designs into daily wear. After all, some designer clothes are impractical when placed in real-world settings and while floral designs have become classic staples in our wardrobe, it may be prudent to steer clear from the following floral trends to avoid becoming a fashion victim.

Floral Pantsuits

Pop star Harry Styles may rock full floral suits, but if you’re not a rock star or a true-blue eccentric it’s best to leave the full floral get-up alone. Pantsuits are already tricky to pull off by itself, since there’s a ton of alterations to consider to get it to perfectly fit. This is why most women opt for a bespoke suit to achieve the tailored look. So if you’re already spending that much money on a nice pair of pantsuit, you might as well stick to the classic dark or monochromatic shade so you can wear it on several occasions without getting the side eye. This rule is not limited to pantsuits, floral on floral ensembles can also tip the scale into the fashion fail territory.

3D Flowers

Flower appliques and three-dimensional floral accessories on clothes have recently started appearing in runways and magazines. They look great on models and magazine editorials, but they don’t look as great in the bright and unrelenting light of the everyday. Even models struggle to make 3D buds elegant and for the rest of us, they can look old-timey, desperate and slightly tacky. You’re better off buying fresh and affordable flowers from an online florist to create fun, ethereal accessories to complement your outfit.

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Large Flower Prints

Big and loud prints are tricky especially for Asians. They tend to overwhelm petite frames, making us look more diminutive than usual. Stick with small delicate floral designs for a subtle yet sophisticated style. And if you do want to go loud and proud, choose subdued or earthy colours to downplay the huge print to make it appear more geometric than all out zany.

Neon Florals

Again, the key here is understated elegance. Neon florals while desirable in Western cultures can seem garish and ostentatious in Singapore. Sure, you’ll get the attention you want, but not the desirable kind. Maybe you can sport this trend at clubs and high fashion events, but I don’t see this seeping into mainstream wardrobe staples anytime soon.

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