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Laneige New Silk Intense Lipstick (Swatches & Review) : A Game Changer ?

I love to experiment when it comes to my lips, form  different colors to funky textures . So when Laneige introduced their New Silk Intense Lipstick with 35 different shades of red, pink, nude, coral and 2 exotic mix-ups - yellow and grey,  I was terribly exited to play around with these fabulous shades and over the weeks, I've put to gather a play chart to see how they fare in my daily routine.

Laneige New Silk Intense Lipstick (Swatches & Review)  A Game Changer ?

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick Review & Swatches

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick (L - R) : Forest Fantasy, Love Me New Me, Clean Effect, Coral Reef, Exotic Yellow, Coral Effect, Get the Red

Laneige New Silk Intense Lipstick is silky-soft & thin, yet rich, vivid color expression. It has true & intense color with ultra-micronized pigment expresses more vivid color with a single application. Also silky-soft texture and moisture fitting with long-lasting moisture to soothe the lips. 

You'll LIKE it if you have dry lips yet still wanting to apply some vivid color lipstick.  

You'll HATE it if you are not a person that likes to touch up makeup throughout the day because this Silk Intense Lipstick will only last you for a couple hours, if you are eating and drinking. 

The new Silk Intense Lipstick is one of those lipsticks that glides on your lips smoothly and effortlessly.The formula is deliciously creamy and highly pigmented. One layer of these on your lips will do. And because of it's creamy and hydrating formula, it's definitely not the long-lasting kind of lipstick. You probably need to touch up from time to time, making sure you do not have a lipstick ring round your mouth. For a person like me which never seems to remember to touch up my makeup throughout the day, this is not very friendly to my needs. However, for someone who has dry and chapped lips, I do enjoy the hydrating power they have on the lipstick. I can have this on the whole day without craving for moisture. 

I wouldn't say the Laneige New Silk Intense Lipstick is the best lipstick ever but it probably is the most lip-changing product because of it's two new Mix Colour shades (yellow and grey).  Trust me, it's fun... 

Starting off with the Pink option - "142 Love Me New Me" (swatched on the top) is probably the sweetest color of them all. It's a great offering of pink, a bit of red and just the right amount of pigment to actually give that sweet girly vibe. The other Orange and Coral shade that I have is "232 Coral Reef" and "245 Coral Effect". Both have quite a similar finish, just a little more orange-y tone in the Coral Reef. 

For red, it's got to be "335 Get the Red". It's a real red color with a cool undertone. If I fancy something with a more orange in it, which usually happens when I have stronger eye makeup, I go for "330 Clean Effect". 

However, if none of the colors are your cup of tea, then you can probably spice things up with the TWO NEW Mix Colour shade - Exotic Yellow (yellow) & Forest Fantasy (grey) ! Honestly, it was quite intimidating when I was first introduced to these two colours but as I started to play around and experiment with it, I find it rather interesting. When you apply the Exotic Yellow on top of your lipstick, it will immediately create a lip color that's one shade brighter, whereas the Forest Fantasy tones it down to one shade darker. Doesn't that sound interesting to you ? As you can see from the from the swatches, you'll get a wine red color when I layer Get The Red with Forest Fantasy. Same goes to Love Me New Me and Exotic Yellow, a gradient of orangy pink lip color. This two new mix color shades is seriously something everyone should try - one swatch and for sure you'll be amazed ! 


Name : Laneige New Silk Intense Lipstick
Price : RM 85 / SGD 26 / $19 each
Where to Buy : Laneige Store and Counter nationwide
Net Weight : 3.5g

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