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Interview with fashion Duo Fiziwoo

Fiziwoo the luxury women's wear brand just  showcased their latest collection at The Wedding KL 2017,  FIZIWOO PRIVE is a stunning mix of simplicity and elegance that wowed the runway  and we though we catch up with the fashion duo Fizi and Kai a little earlier to ask some fun questions to find out  their inspirations, aspirations and what makes  this amazing fashion brand tick.

What motivated you to venture into fashion design?

Fizi : The interest came when I was younger as my mother used to be a tailor. I always helped her while she did her work. I would see her take time dress making; the handwork, the painstaking processes and old superstitions in dress making had captivated me to make it as a career.

Kai : I used to be an architect and during my study years, I indulged myself in a lot of creative works from photography, interior design to corporate branding and more. When I met Fizi, the opportunity was there for me to lay my creative hands in fashion and I realized that it was something I loved and now lucky enough to make a career out of it.

What were some of the obstacles early on in your careers?

As any young brand, financially it was difficult to keep our business afloat but we manage to pass that phase and now we are stronger and stable as whole. Initially, it is was hard for both of us  to make decisions creative-wise as we both have different aesthetics when it comes to fashion but over time we learnt to meet in the middle and the outcome is mix of architecture meets fashion hence most of our pieces are structured yet soft and flamboyant yet feminine.

What’s been your “I’ve made it” moment?

We think we haven't reached that moment yet as we believe there's a long journey still ahead for us in this industry. However there are a lot of achievements that we are proud of as a brand throughout our years and these small achievements which keeps us going and looking forward to tomorrow.

Tell us how working together has shaped your friendship? And is there anything interesting you would like to share about that?

We do argue and it can be difficult at times as we both are very opinionated. Yet we realize the importance of our roles in the brand which make our bond stronger.. also we don't consider ourselves as friends anymore. We're more like inseparable Siamese twins. "We are the 'Woo Bros"'

Tell us, who is the one person that inspires you the most ?

For us, our mothers has been our greatest inspiration. As most sons are closer to their moms, the same goes for us.

Any fun plans in the future that you can share?

There are a lot amazing plans we can't wait to indulge ourselves in. We have been appointed by St.Regis hotel in Malaysia to be the official designer for them. Also we are in the midst of launching our year round ready-to-wear collection and our next Bridal and Lebaran collection are on its way. Finally we're in the process of bringing our brand out to the Paris market. 2016 has been a wonderful year for us and by the looks of it, hopefully 2017 will be a greater year the brand and we can't wait for it!

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