Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESMOD KL Fashion Show 2017

Astral éphémère’was the theme that dictated the fashion runway at ESMOD Kuala Lumpur Fashion Show 2017. Held at KLPAC, 17 fashion designers from ESMOD Kuala Lumpur curated remarkable collections consisting of over 87 garments that featured inspirations of the designers them self's.

It was the perfect theme that dressed the glamorous night. On the fashion runway, garments with different cuttings, colours, cultural inspirations, influences and personalitieswere showcased, revealing the varying but unique styles of ESMOD KL fashion designers. The fashion design show was also graced by the presence of international and local fashion design celebrities – Moto Guo and Carven Ong.

Fashion designer HooKengWeng’s collection was called Singularity, influenced by the discovery of the gravitational wave by Albert Einstein back in 1916. His designs feature different jacketsor overcoats of various sizes, materials and cuttings that emphasize a single line as the front line of his design.

Also a highlight in the fashion show was a collection by Ryan Alexander Tan Shaur-An. Ryan’s collection is inspired by the Japanese dark art and one of his designs featured a dark blue monstrous face that was part of a dress.   

ESMOD Course Instructor Paul Marchand, bestowed the Best Fashion Design Award to Ryan and Best Patternmaking Award to Hoo.These awards are prestigious awards presented by ESMOD International to top students in ESMOD annually to honour their achievements. These exemplary students have shown consistent dedication towards fashion design throughout their 3 years with ESMOD KL.

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