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Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge, The Ritz Carlton KL

We've returned to The Ritz Carlton KL (last review from 2015) for afternoon tea. The afternoon tea service was located formerly at the ground floor entrance, has now moved in the newly renovated Lobby Lounge, located at Level 1. Other than just relocating the Lobby Lounge, The Ritz Carlton has also refreshed their afternoon tea set menu and recipes. Let's find out if this new afternoon tea experience lives up to it's predecessor?....

Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge, The Ritz Carlton KL (feature)

The redesigned space is completely brighter with white and turquoise colors, finished with dark brown outlines, giving the place a minimalist and modern touch. No more are the wooden plush chairs in brown tones. However, there's still live music playing while your sipping down some luxury teas offered by The Ritz Carlton KL.

The tea selection at The Ritz Carlton KL has always been a 5 stars thing for us because they have quite a selection of fancy black and white teas. But today I'm probably going to up it to 6 stars since looking at the new tea menu with a choice of 40 luxury teas, which includes black teas, green teas, fruit infusion, herbal infusion and last but not least, the exclusive blend named as The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur Blend (Chinese Tie Kuan Ying, A Green Oolong with a Delicate Creamy Flavour). You can basically choose any tea from the list with no extra charges. 

Before the 3-tiered tray was carried out, we were served with some crackers and spread, teasing our tummies before the real deal. 

Then out came the 3-tiered tray with servings for two of us. The top was sweets and some pastries, middle tier was the savories and the bottom was some quiche and pies. Let's begin from the bottom tier. 

Bottom Tier
Spinach & Egg Quiche
Chicken & Mushroom Pies

The quiche and pie were excellent. You can know it's fresh from the oven when each layer of the pastries break into pieces when you take a bite of it. 

2nd Tier
Wagyu Beef Burger
Tuna Sandwich
Beef Pastrami Sandwich 

Sandwiches were all beautifully presented. Flavours and ingredients were not overly pronounced. All the breads were so fresh and bounced back at the touch. But my favourite has to be, the Wagyu Beef Burger because it looked and tasted pretty damn good. The beef patty was soft and juicy, just the right bite size for an afternoon tea.

Chinese Egg Tarts
Lemon Eclair
Chocolate Tart

A very nice variety of sweets and they tasted great. The Chocolate tart was my favourite because they have some nutty texture hidden inside, and not to mention how creamy that tart filling was. Then it's followed by the Chinese Egg Tart. I love how they incorporate some local touches to the afternoon tea, making it more Malaysian. In case you are wondering, the egg tarts were fresh from the oven,  with  the egg custard filling warm and gueey. 

Plain & Raisin Scones

Scones were served later on, with a white cloth wrapping around it. I actually like itserved this way, especially if it means the scones will arrive warm. Anyway, scones were served with clotted cream, marmalade and strawberry jam in separate mini pots. Comparing the previous scones we had 2 years ago, this new scones were slightly below expectation because it's on the more bready side of it. But as a whole, it's still above many other scones we have tried, not to crumbly nor bready. It paired perfectly alongside with the rich strawberry jam and thick clotted cream. 

Overall, is The Ritz Carlton serving the best afternoon tea in KL ? Yes, it's one of the best in town. We had such a lovely afternoon tea experience here. Not only is everything here a delight to look at and eat, but for the price of RM 80 for 2, it's a real bargain to be had, offering so much variety of food for your money. If you are looking for an afternoon tea with class while listening to those soothing music from the live band, I would highly recommend The Ritz Carlton KL. 

The Ritz Carlton Hotel KL
Afternoon Tea
3pm to 6pm

Priced at RM 80 for 2 person
* promotion valid till end of March (Normal Priced at RM 80 per pax)

For more information, kindly visit :-

The Ritz Carlton KL

168 Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur,
55100 Malaysia
Tel : +603 2142 8000
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