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Afternoon Tea @ Newens Tea House, Starhill Gallery

Another afternoon tea outing. This time, we are at Newens Tea House located inside Starhill Gallery. Newens Tea House has been around for quite a while, it's one of those tea places I've probably walked past hundreds of times but never seem to find time to drop by. With some pretty classic English furniture and warm cozy lighting, it really is one of the more fancy places for afternoon tea. So how does the afternoon tea fare ? Yay or Nay ?

Afternoon Tea @ Newens Tea House, Starhill Gallery (review)

Decor wise, Newens Tea House definitely scores high, with Victorian English interior design from the pastries display to the tables. Also having a live harpist wafting sweet music throughout the whole time does make my afternoon tea experience much more fancy and classy.

There are over 60 different kinds of teas to choose from, ranging from the classic English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Vanilla Booibos, Longevity Tea, Rooibos Chocolate Heaven and even Chinese Oolong tea in peach flavour. We went for the classic Earl Grey simply because we love the aromatic flavour of Earl Grey and it goes very well with the pastries and sweets in an afternoon tea set.

Other than a wide selection of teas, there's also 4 choices of afternoon tea sets:
  • The Original Maids of Honour (RM 60 nett) - 2 Maids of Honour, 2 Freshly Baked Scones & A Pot of Tea
  • Cream Tea for Two (RM 60 nett) - 4 Scones & A Pot of Tea
  • High Tea for Two (RM 120 nett) - Freshly baked scones, assorted sandwiches, Original Maids of Honour, delicious pastries and Macarons, & A Pot of Tea. 
  • Oriental Afternoon Tea for Two (RM 120 nett) - Steamed Siew Mai and Har Kau, Fluffy Yam Puff, Spring Roll, Deep Fried Mango Roll and Crispy Bean Curd Skin, Pumpkin Seed Sesame Bean, Lotus Bun and Steamed Custard Bun & A Pot of Tea. 

As expected, we opted for the classic English High Tea for Two. The three-tiered tray with two afternoon tea servings. 

Bottom Tier
Tuna Sandwich
Egg Sanwich
Cheese, Cucumber and Lettuce Sandwich

A good selection of tea sandwiches. However, it did not taste freshly made and the bread was slightly chilled. For the price of RM 120, I would expect my savouries to be warm and freshly made. 

Second Tier
Plain and Raisin Scones
Original Maids of Honour

I'm not going to lie, was looking forward to try the Maids of Honour because according to their website, it's a 500 year old British secret recipe fit for Henry VIII. But sadly the Maids of Honour was certainly not to expectation based on my readings about this signature pastries. It was suppose to have a light and sweet combination with flaky and crispy pastry. However, it looked and tasted pretty dry. The custard does not have the golden brown on the top and it was rather chilled with no flake at all. Somehow it felt like it had been in the pastry counter for days. 

As for the scones, it was served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Tasted more towards the bready and cakey side. 

Top Tier
Coconut & Pistachio Macarons
Chocolate Eclair
Red Velvet Cupcake
Fruit Tartlet
Petit Four

An array of sweets were on the top tier. The sweets and cakes here at Newens Tea House are the things that get me really excited because of the large sweets display unit they have in the middle of the walk way at Starhill Gallery. Macaroons were decent, featuring coconut and pistachio flavours, I thought the Chocolate Eclair and the Chocolate Mousse Petit Four were absolutely amazing. They were incredibly rich and insanely chocolatey.

All in all we had a mixed  afternoon experience at Newens Tea House, enjoying the High Tea for Two. Some cakes and pastries were a hit whereas others were rather plain

You can opt for the 'Original Maids of Honour' afternoon tea set for half of the price. It may not change you're life but it's worth a try. 

Newens Tea House
Afternoon Tea Set
served daily 2:30pm to 5:30pm

The Original Maids of Honour 
RM 60 nett

Cream Tea for Two
RM 60 nett

High Tea for Two
RM 120 nett

Oriental Afternoon Tea for Two 
RM 120 nett

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